Movember Day 10: Random Stuff about Athletes with Mustaches

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  • Jeff King, who was the first overall pick to the Pirates in 86′, disliked baseball so much that he retired from the game the day after his MLB pension was fully vested (in 99′). At the time King was coming off his third consecutive year in which he hit 24+ HR’s and 93+ RBI’s so it wasn’t like he was a turd at the plate.
  • Corey Pavin was dead last in driving distance amongst PGA Tour Players that qualified from 04′ – 09′. Next time one of your friends hits one about 150 off the tee call him Corey Pavin. It’s much more cleaver than calling him Nancy Lopez.
  • Jake Plummer is now a professional handball player. Also, this is his wife. Yum.
  • Mike Maddux, who pitched for 15 years for nine teams,  just interviewed to be the Cubs Manager. In his first MLB game that he started he lost to his brother Greg. Greg Maddux was on the Cubs at the time. Good thing that Greg didn’t stay with the Cubs, he only won three Cy Young Awards, fifteen Gold Gloves, and made six All Star games after leaving them. I’m sure that wouldn’t have helped things at all.
  • Carl Pavano was the only Twins starter this year to remain in the rotation for the entire season. He definitely has the best mustache of any pitcher on their team. Coincidence? Definitely.
Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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