NBA Sports Trivia Quiz

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nba-sports-trivia-quizTime to step yo game up basketball fans by testing your skills with our NBA Sports Trivia quiz.

1. With what team did these players finish their career?

  1. Michael Jordan
  2. Vin Baker
  3. Patrick Ewing
  4. Steve Francis
  5. Gary Payton

2. Which NBA team has the best single-season post-season winning percentage?

3. What David Hasselhoff-loving German holds the NBA record for most FTs made in a single NBA playoff game?

4. In 1986, this future NBA Hall of Famer scored the most points in a single playoff game. Who is he?

5. What player holds the record for scoring the most points in the decade of the 90’s?

6. Who was the last player drafted, who never attended college to play in an NBA All-Star game?

7. Name the school where each of these No. 1 NBA draft picks from the 1990s attended (the year they were drafted is in parenthesis)

  1. Glenn “The Big Dog” Robinson (1994)
  2. Michael Olowakandi aka The Candyman (1998)
  3. Larry “Grandmama” Johnson (1991)
  4. Derrick Coleman (1990)
  5. Joe Smith (1995)

Everyone loves basketball shoes from the 1990s. Nothing was better than getting a fresh pair of J’s, Penny’s, Deion’s or Barkley’s back in the day. Before I give you the answers here are a couple of old-school shoe commercials that will take you back.

Chris Rock before he blew up…

And this classic…it’s gotta be the shoes!

1. Michael Jordan – Washington Wizards, Vin Baker – Los Angeles Clippers, Patrick Ewing – Orlando Magic, Steve Francis – Houston Rockets, Gary Payton – Miami Heat.
2. 2000-2001 LA Lakers went 15-1.
3. Dirk Nowitzki made 24 FTs in a win over Oklahoma City in 2011.
4. Michael Jordan with 63 against Boston.
5. Karl Malone – 21,370 points
6. Drafted in 2004, Dwight Howard was an NBA-All Star in 2013.
7. Glenn Robinson – Purdue, Michael Olowkandi – Pacific, Larry Johnson – UNLV, Derrick Coleman – Syracuse, Joe Smith – Maryland



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