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nfl-draft-triviaThe NFL Draft is here. That means endless speculation by The Vampire Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, and Jaws about who is going to be the next game changer while Chris Berman sits there wearing an ugly tie talking about his latest trip to Applebee’s. I can’t wait to see who the Jets fans boo this season after they make their pick, and who will be the Ryan Leaf of this year’s draft. Here are 12 NFL draft trivia questions to tide you over until then.

1. Since 1990, this is the only RB to be drafted number one overall. Who is he?

2. What two college football powers share the record for sending the most #1 overall draft picks to the NFL?

3. What NFL franchise holds the distinction as having the most #1 overall picks? (Hint: The franchise has played in more than one city during their existence.)

4. What two college programs have the distinction of sending the most #1 overall picks to both the NFL draft and NBA drafts combined? (Hint: They both played in BCS bowls last season.)

5. What four current NFL franchises have NEVER had the #1 overall pick?

6. When was the last season when no NFL QB was taken in the 1st Round? I believe it actually pre-dates the Spice Girls.

7. This NFL QB, who was the first QB taken in the year he was drafted, has the highest number of passing yards for a left-handeder. Who is he?

8. This NFC team has gone the longest without drafting a QB in the 1st Round of the NFL draft?

9. Who is the last QB drafted #1 overall to start and win a Super Bowl?

10. This school has sent the most first round picks to the NFL?

11. Who was the last defensive player taken #1 overall in the NFL draft?

12. This guy is the last #1 overall pick to be drafted and play his entire career for just one team and then make the Hall of Fame. Who is he? (Hint: He is a multiple Super Bowl winning QB.)

I know this video is obligatory this time of year, but the interview with John C. Reilly at the 0:30 mark is amazing. I’ll give you the answers after this.

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1. Ki-Jana Carter in 1995 by the Bengals
2. USC & Notre Dame with 5 each
3. The Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts with seven #1 overall picks
4. Ohio State & Oklahoma with 4 each (3 NFL & 1 NBA)
5. Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars & Seattle Seahawks
6. 1996 when Tony Banks was the first QB picked at #42
7. Boomer Esiason 37,920 yards
8. New Orleans Saints drafted Archie Manning #2 overall in 1971
9. Eli Manning in Super Bowl XLVI
10. USC with 77 first round picks
11. Mario Williams #1 Houston Texans in 2006
12. Troy Aikman drafted by the Cowboys in 1989, Hall of Fame 2006

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