NFL Sports Trivia Quiz: Training Camp Edition

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nfl-triviaFootball season is finally on our doorstep, and it could not have come soon enough. Training camps opened up last weekend, and it’s only a matter of time until we see the likes of Ed Werder reporting from Dallas, Sal Pal reporting from Philly, Holly Rowe reporting from Minnesota, and Hank Goldberg reporting from Miami about a Pro-Bowler blowing out his ACL while walking to lunch at camp. In the meantime, see if you can handle this NFL sports trivia.

1. What NFL QB finished second in total passing yards during the decade of 1990’s and the 2000’s?

2. This QB was the last to throw for 500 yards in one game. Who is he?

3. What active TE can claim to have the highest number of career receiving yards?

4. Drafted behind “Big Daddy” Dan Wilkinson in 1994, he was the last #2 overall pick to make the NFL Hall of Fame. Who is he?

5. In 2013, what two RBs became the most recent to gain over 1,000 yards in a season for 2 different teams?

6. Since 1980, of all QBs taken in the 1st round, what San Francisco 49er recorded the fewest passing yards for an entire career? (Hint: He was drafted in 1997 and went to Virginia Tech.)

7. Currently, who is the longest tenured coach in the NFL?

8. Of all RBs age 30 and over, who had the most yards in one season?

9. Speaking of old, what journeyman QB holds the record for throwing for the most yards after the age of 40?

10. This receiver caught the most TD passes from Brett Favre with 57. Who is he?

Speaking of football returning, who cannot wait until Sunday NFL Countdown, Berman, and this…


1. Brett Favre with 30,894 in the 90s and 38,435 in the 2000s

2. Tony Romo threw for 506 yards in 2013

3. Jason Witten 9,799 yards

4. Marshall Faulk

5. Reggie Bush & Marshawn Lynch

6. Jim Druckenmiller 239 yards

7. Bill Belichick – Patriots since 2000

8. Tiki Barber 1,830 yards in 2005

9. Vinny Testaverde 6,675 yards

10. Antonio Freeman

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