Opening up a Box of 1986 Topps Baseball cards one pack at a time

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Maybe I was feeling nostalgic, maybe I had Bucco’s fever and was really digging baseball, or maybe I was just longing for the days of collecting baseball cards. Regardless of what the reason was I went out and bought a box of 1986 Topps Baseball Cards off of eBay for $24 ($17 + $7 shipping). I realize that Topps cards weren’t worth squat back in the day but I just liked the look of these cards. I decided that I’ll be opening this up one pack at a time and see if I get anything good. Here’s what I got with round one.

1986 topps baseball card box

How about this for where the state of baseball was back in 1986. They actually cared about Pete Rose. Also, if you look closely you’ll see that Pete’s card shows him as 1B-MGR. You don’t see that anymore.

1986 topps baseball cards open box

I’m crossing my fingers that I can still win that trip to 1987 Spring Training. By the way, these cards do have gum in them and no I did not eat the gum. When I opened up the pack the gum was about half the size of what it should be and was more brittle than Carl Crawford’s bones.

Eric Davis 1986 topps

This Eric Davis Cincinnati Reds card was the best in the pack. Up until that point in his career Eric Davis had not become the masher that Reds fans later knew him as.

1986 topps baltimore orioles

This card looks like it was shot by Olan Mills.On the back it just tells you who the leaders on the Orioles are in every statistical category. This card is pretty worthless but the picture on the front is pretty dope.

1986 topps kansas city royals cards

I was disappointed to see that of the 15 cards in the pack 4 of them were Kansas City Royals including one Manager card. The Royals went 76-86 this year. Barf.

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