Potential Replacement QB’s for the Texans

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With both Matt Shaub and Matt Leinart going down to injury the Houston Texans Super Bowl chances are in Jerry Sandusky-like trouble. It is gross to think that Curt Paint is the 2nd best QB in the AFC South and that someone can say with a straight face, “I can’t believe how much trouble we are in now that Matt Leinart can’t play”. Luckily for the Texans they have a two game lead in the division on the Titans so they should be able to hang on and make the playoffs. Some of the names that have been thrown out to fill in at QB are Sage Rosenfels, Dante Culpepper, and (gulp) Jeff Garcia. Here are a few more options that need to be considered. At this point nothing can be considered a horrible idea.

Jeff George – Back in November 2008 he was quoted as saying, “…my arm feels like I’m 25”. Let’s assume that over the course of the next three years his arm aged at the same rate that he did. That means that Jeff George still has the arm of a 28 year old. Right now Drew Brees is 32 and Tom Brady is 34 so the Texans would actually be getting the arm of a younger guy than two of the NFL’s elite. Plus, signing Jeff George would pack the stadium for the same reason that John Daly still draws a huge crowd. You just want to see what will happen next.

Frank ReichHe led the Bills back from a 35-3 deficit in the second half in the playoffs when no one thought it could be done. Well here’s a chance at the greatest encore in the history of sports.

Tommy Maddox – He went from selling insurance to leading the Steelers to the second round of the playoffs in 2002. It is said that he is currently living in Trophy Club,Texas (yep, that’s a real city), which is the same city that he lived in before playing for the Steelers. His life is likely a bit more comfortable now then when he was selling insurance so it would be 10 times easier to do it this time around. Having the pressure of finding a way to make money to feed his family lifted off his shoulders would allow him to play more of a free wheeling style. This seems like a no brainer.

Jeff Blake – If you are going to lose then do it in style. Few QB’s threw as good of a deep ball as Blake so why not let him air it out? You could even sign Darnay Scott so that he has someone that he’s familiar with.

JaMarcus Russell – OK, they aren’t that desperate.

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