Recap of What Happened This Weekend

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A lot of stuff went down this weekend in the sports world so I’ll recap some of it and give you some extra nuggets of info to digest.

  • Saturday night was the NHL Skills competition and Sunday was the All Star game. The NHL might not be the most popular sport but they definitely have the best All Star festivities and games. They let the players do a draft to pick who is on which team, they do skills competitions that are actually fun, creative, and you care about, and even though there is a lack of defense it is still very entertaining. Essentially it is the opposite of every other sports All Star weekend. My favorite event of the weekend is the Skills Challenge Relay. Watching Datsyuk’s stick handling is a work of art (go to the 4 minute mark).
  • The Pro Bowl was on Sunday. To put into perspective how crappy the Pro Bowl is, I opted to watch the movie “Water For Elephants” with my girlfriend instead (which was not the most enjoyable movie to watch). Despite that I’m still happy that I didn’t watch the Pro Bowl. He are some box score highlights from the Pro Bowl: Vonta Leach, a fullback, got three carries. For the season he had only 12 carries. Makes perfect sense to feed him the ball. Philip Rivers threw an interception. At least he was still giving 100% effort. The AFC didn’t punt once. Drew Brees attempted an extra point (a drop kick) but missed.
  • On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend UFC Fox 2 at the United Center. As my friend Michal Soszynski so elegantly put it “I’ve had more action in my bedroom today than the octagon has seen all night. #ufcsnoozefest”.  The fights were less than exciting but luckily for me the crowd didn’t disappoint. 94% of the audience was wearing either an Affliction or Tap Out shirt. That means that the douche level was at Defcon Levels. During the Rashad Evans vs Phil Davis fight some 300 pound drunk guy a few rows behind me kept yelling “Come on Rasheed”. This went on for about 5 straight minutes and he may have said it 100 times in a row (no joke). He was more annoying than a cheap car alarm that goes off in the middle of the night (note: not one of those “Protected by Viper” ones). I continued to look around for Rasheed Wallace but couldn’t find him anywhere. To the right of me was another outstanding citizen that thought he was funny and would make fun of Michael Bisping the entire time (who is from England). This guys go to line was yelling about how the Queen would go down on dudes. Yep, these are the people at a UFC fight.
  • Some golfer named Kyle Stanley, who had never won on the PGA Tour, blew a 7 stroke final round lead and had a three stroke lead heading into 18 when he pulled a Jean Van De Velde by putting one in the drink and shooting an 8. What’s worse is that he missed a 4 foot put to win. This caused him to go into a sudden death playoff where he lost. This is a meltdown of Hal McRae proportions.
  • Lebron James missed two free throws in the final seconds of the Heat vs Bulls game which would have sealed it for Miami. The Heat ended up winning the game but it just adds to Lebron’s lack of being clutch. He is as good under pressure as Ron Harper is at speaking during an on-air interview.
Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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