Sidney Crosby Jerseys You Can’t Believe Exist

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Sidney Crosby, you either love him or hate him. But really, you’re just jealous. Nothing screams jealousy more than opposing team’s fans putting “Crosby” and number 87 on the back of a non-Penguins jersey. Check out some of the jealousy below with this compilation of non-Penguins Sidney Crosby jerseys.

Sidney Crosby as a Toronto Maple Leaf

We see this north of the border, where the Cup hasn’t been lifted since 1993. These desperate fans are dying for their team to be the first Canadian franchise to win the cup in over 20 years, and many are dreaming of a superstar like Crosby leading the way. So why not spend a couple hundred bucks in the hopes of that dream coming true? Hell, if this Leaf fan can spend $300 for a seat in the Air Canada Centre and $20 for a beer, I’m sure he can afford a custom Sidney Crosby Maple Leaf jersey. I actually don’t blame this dude for the purchase. Crosby has a better shot at lifting the Cup for the Leafs than anyone on their current roster.

Sidney Crosby as a Montreal Canadien

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This is just plain disrespect. The Montreal Canadiens are the most storied franchise in NHL history, owning 24 Stanley Cup banners and with numerous legends having donned the red and blue. This guy had a list of legends including Jean Beliveau and Maurice “The Rocket” Richard to choose from for a custom jersey, not to mention current superstars P.K. Subban and Carey Price. Granted, Crosby’s favorite team growing up was the Canadiens, but this guy is just getting greedy. Save the Sidney Crosby dreaming for fans who haven’t won since 1967, or even worse, fans who have been waiting since 1927.

Hoping Sidney Crosby becomes an Ottawa Senator

sidney crosby jerseys senators

That brings us to the lowly Ottawa Senators. Now, the original Ottawa Senators won 11 Stanley Cups, from 1903-1927, but no one with a pulse remembers this, so these titles barely count. Since the the Sens rejoined the NHL in 1992, they have only been back to the finals once in 2007, putting them on par with the lowly Leafs. The guy trying to sell these jerseys doesn’t care if it’s Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin, just any sort of help, to go along with stud defenseman Erik Karlsson.

Fans of Canadian teams clearly just want one thing: for Sidney Crosby to return home and put an end to all the losing.

There is no love for Sidney Crosby in the United States however. Probably because American hockey fans are still haunted by the 2010 Olympic games, when Crosby’s overtime “Golden Goal” took the gold medal away from team USA. Either that or they view him as a whiner, constantly looking for calls from the referee. One or the other.

The Classic “You Suck” Chirp

sidney crosby sucks jersey

I think we can all agree, Sidney Crosby doesn’t suck, but we still often hear the term used to describe hatred towards him. In Washington, Crosby sucks due to constant comparisons to Alex Ovechkin, who entered the NHL at the same time. Crosby and Ovi have faced off since their junior days, and the long storied rivalry between Canada and Russia raises it to another level. The Capitals’ fans hate for Crosby is understandable, but at the end of each player’s career they will be measured by one thing: Stanley Cup rings. So for now, Crosby is up 1-0.

Now, the New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins don’t have the same rivalry as Pittsburgh and Washington, so it makes me wonder why this guy would get a “Crosby Sucks” Islanders jersey.

First thought: his buddy wearing the Capitals jersey told him it would be a great idea, because he isn’t the one dumb enough to spend the money. Don’t fall for peer pressure folks.

Second thought: this Islanders fan wishes Crosby was on his team instead of John Tavares, who has been in the league for seven years without winning a Cup. Whatever the reason may be, no one gets the hate coming out of Long Island.

Cindy Crosby


This guy deserves a slow clap. A clever jersey to insinuate that Crosby is, in fact, a female named Cindy! This comes back to Crosby’s style of play, crying to officials and whining from the bench.

My issue with this jersey is Tampa Bay Lightning fans should worry about supporting their own superstars who recently seem to want out of town. In 2014, Martin St. Louis requested a trade after the Winter Olympics. Their 3rd overall draft pick in 2013, Jonathan Drouin, wants out of town. And now their captain, Steven Stamkos, is rumored to be looking to test the free agent market this coming off-season. Support your own players, and quit worrying about “Cindy Crosby.”

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