Sports Birthdays for Feb 18 – 24 | Epic Week (Ep 272)

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What are some of your favorite sports nicknames? This week Tom and Nick celebrate the birthdays of some great athletes with even better sports nicknames! Tune in to another episode of the Epic Week podcast covering Sports Birthdays and Anniversaries February 18th through 24th, including Charles Barkley, Andrei Kirilenko, Stephon Marbury, Julius Erving, Charles Tillman, Sparky Anderson, Honus Wagner, Claude Makelele Le’Veon Bell, Justin Verlander, Bobby Bonilla, Bronson Arroyo, Floyd Mayweather, and more!

Show Notes:

0:00-1:22 Intro: Welcome to Epic Week by Bacon Sports. I’m 3rd Grade Girls Assistant Basketball Coach Tom Pellegrino along with my podcast tag-team partner and Valentine’s Day First Timer slash Survivor Nick Schwietering. Epic Week looks at the sports Birthdays and Anniversaries for a week in sports. This week, we are talking about February 18th through February 24th.

1:23-4:20 Roll Call: Le’Veon Bell, Dave Stewart, Livan Hernandez, Justin Verlander, Bobby Bonilla, Bronson Arroyo, Floyd Mayweather.

4:21-7:34 Why Should I Care: Honus Wagner, Claude Makelele

7:35-19:54 Main Event: This week we are celebrating a lot of great athletes with even better Nicknames! Charles Barkley, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Andrei Kirilenko, Stephon Marbury, Julius Erving, Charles Tillman, and Sparky Anderson. (We couldn’t resist rating some other athlete nicknames that are not celebrating birthdays this week: Khalil Mack, David Robinson, Hakeem Olajuwon, Catfish Hunter, Clyde Frazier, Clyde Drexler, Randy Johnson, Frank Thomas, Ken Griffey Jr., Babe Ruth, William Perry, Wayne Gretzky, and Allen Iverson)

19:55-20:17 Also Receiving Votes: ANNIVERSARY – 2/22/1959 (60 years ago) – First Daytona 500 auto race!

20:18-21:47 Outro: That’s all for the show today. Please check out Bacon Sports on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at Bacon Sports. Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and rate us (preferably a recently traded Joe Flacco number of stars 5). Also share this podcast on Social Media, that sports fan you know wants to listen to this podcast. Follow us Twitter @BaconSportsTom, and @SweetsCincy. It is also Dr. Dre’s birthday this week so we are sending you out to Nuthin But A G Thang! Make it an Epic Week.

Feedback (We want to hear from you):

  • You can connect with Tom Pellegrino on Twitter @BaconSportsTom.
  • You can connect with Nick Schwietering on Twitter @sweetscincy and on Instagram Sweetscincy
  • Did we skip over a Birthday or Anniversary you would have liked to hear covered? We’d love your thoughts and feedback on our conversation so hit us up!


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