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1995 Cleveland Browns, their fans, and amazing fashion trends

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browns fan

The NFL Network is the greatest channel that has people wearing clothes all of the time. If you are not already you should be Tivo’ing the “A Football Life” series as there’s some cool stories on there. The most recent episode was about the 1995 Cleveland Browns, which was coach by Bill Belichick and was the last team that was in Cleveland before they were unjustly moved to Baltimore. You didn’t come here to get my review of the show so just take my word that it’s really good and if you haven’t seen it go watch it. You’ll get a new appreciation for the Bill Belichick coaching tree and the anguish that Browns fans had to go through. Since the show is set in 1995 and involves people from Cleveland the unintentional comedy level is at DEFCON levels. One thing that this show did forget to do, however, is give the perspective of what Bone Thug’s N Harmony thought. We all know that’s the best thing to come from Cleveland so it’s important to know what Bizzy Bone thought about all of this. I digress. Here’s some of the best fans, coaches, vintage gear, and comedy that I took from the show.

Bill Belichick Shaving

Yep, that’s Bill Belichick shaving…in his clothes…with a coat on. I don’t know about you but I typically do my shaving when I get out of the shower. If you shave before you shower or in the shower that’s cool too. But never in my life have I decided “you know what, I’m going to get fully dressed AND put on the coat I’m going to wear outside before I shave”. I guess that’s why he’s won multiple Super Bowls and I am running a sports blog dedicated to random jerseys.

Football is a predominantly male dominated thing. Sure there is the random girl or two who knows what they are talking about but for the most part you aren’t grabbing a drink with Cindy from accounting and talking about the pro’s and con’s of the 3-4 defense. In 1993 fan favorite Bernie Kosar was playing more like Ty Detmer and less like that one good year Derrick Anderson had and was cut. Since Bill Belichick was the coach naturally he shouldered a lot of the blame for getting rid of him. Well a local news reporter interviewed some random woman and asked what she thought and her response was nothing short of spectacular, “I think Belichick should’ve been cut”. I hate to break it to Cindy from accounting but coaches can’t be cut. They can be fired or resign but unlike players they don’t go to training camp hoping to make the team. In case you were wondering, here’s what the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote the day that Kosar was cut from the team.

Cleveland Browns hat burning

It’s always an interesting day in sports when fans are burning team apparel. What I liked most about this picture was that the hat looks to be made of corduroy. Damn I miss 1995 sports fashion trends.

Eric Zeier Browns

Yep, that’s an Eric Zeier sighting. For those of you who knows who he is you are welcome. I’m sure that this is the first time you’ve heard his name in about 1-5 years.

crazy browns fan

This Browns fan takes ventriloquy to a whole new level with this ferocious gargoyle puppet that wears a tossell cap thing. I’m sure it’s a panty dropper. Here are some general assumptions about this guy: He either drove this car, this car, or this car and he probably lived at home.

cleveland news team

I love the haircut and accompanying stache’ by the anchor in the middle. His haircut is sort of a combination of Prince Akeem’s from Coming to America and JR Reid’s from his days on the Charlotte Hornets.

Browns mullet fan

This guy is a P-I-M-P. I assume these two chicks are with him because of the sweet non-Starter Browns hat with a very awkward brim to go with the party in the back mullet that he’s rocking (I know it’s not a Starter hat because Starter wouldn’t make a hat that obnoxious. They only made their jackets that obnoxious). That combo definitely makes him number one.

Browns fan in Dawg Pound

Someone has slept with this guy before…really. I do have to give props for the paint job on his face. He’s got a lot going on but he actually did a pretty good job of combining the colors and not smearing them too bad. Also, that helmet without a face mask with a bone sticking through it is pretty tight. I’m guessing my Browns friends would be all over that like they would be a “Best of Drew Carey” box set.

Nick Saban Smiling

Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is Nick Saban smiling. Shocking, I know.

Is there an easier name in the history of the world to have to spell than Ray Lewis? Apparently that must be a tough one for some people because Eric Mangini has to break it down over the phone. Thank God he didn’t have to draft Jim Brown.

jermaine dye look a like

If you had to put all of 1995’s fashion trends into one picture it would be this one. White Sox hat with the new logo. Check. Oakley shades. Check. Damn this made me smile. Also, for some reason I thought this guy looked like Jermaine Dye.

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