The Unforgotten: #513 – Chris Dudley

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Chris Dudley is what many people think white NBA players are: tall, slow, and can’t shoot. Dudley, who is the best NBA player to ever come out of Yale, set a record in 1990 by missing 13 consecutive free throws. A year earlier he set the record for most free throws missed in a single trip to the foul line with five. Amazingly there were three lane violations.

Someone must have been smoking an unbelievable amount of crack because in 1999 the Knicks signed Dudley to a monster contract to back up Patrick Ewing. In the 5 prior seasons Dudley averaged 3.5, 2.3, 5.5, 5.1, and 3.9 points per game. He also shot around 50% from the free throw line so he was officially an offensive liability. Think Scott Williams but worse.  Knicks GM Ernie Grunfeld thought that all of that meant that they should pay Dudley $7.1 million that year. How did Dudley reward the Knicks for their unbelievable generosity? He gave them 9.8 minutes per game, 1.2 ppg, 2.9 boards, 33% from the charity stripe, and only played in 47 games. With a lineage of great decision making like this it is no wonder that Isiah Thomas made the moves that he did.

Despite averaging 3.9 ppg, 6.2 boards, and shooting 45% from the charity stripe for his career he was still ranked ahead of Stromile Swift and Jeff McInnis in the All Time NBA player rankings.

Here is a video of Dudley getting completely owned by Shaq:

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