The Unforgotten: #508 – Bimbo Coles

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Bimbo Coles real name is Vernell. He got the nickname “Bimbo” from a cousin in reference to Faron Young’s country song, Bimbo. Luckily for Bimbo he could ball because there is nothing cool about a guy who mows lawns named Bimbo.

Bimbo is probably the second best player from Virginia Tech to play in the NBA in the last twenty years. Del Curry would be at the top of the list. At his best Bimbo could give a team 10 points, 4 dimes, and 80+% from the free throw line. He was drafted in the second round so his expectations weren’t astronomical like some of the other guys on this list (ex. Stromile Swift). He was a serviceable role player who could start some games and stay out of the way.

Basketball Reference says that his Hall of Fame probability is 0.000%, which is the same as you and I. On the flip side, he did make over $20 million in his 14 seasons so he’s got that going for him…which is nice.

You can often tell a lot about a player based on how many YouTube videos there are about or involving him. For Bimbo we could only find three videos and only one of them was related to his time in the NBA. In the first video some dude named Chris, who resembles Joe Dirt, named his dog Bimbo Coles. He tells us that he named the dog Bimbo Coles after a guy that played on the Miami Dolphins and got arrested for crack. Bimbo Coles didn’t play for the Dolphins (it was the Heat) and he was never arrested for crack. It’s always nice when someone adds to your legacy, “I think that he got arrested for crack”. ¬†In the second video some Boston fan who is double dorking Boston gear (Red Sox hat with Patriots shirt) named his NBA fantasy league after Bimbo Coles. This is his draft lottery.

The only NBA related video is of Scottie Pippen dunking on Bimbo Coles. Here it is:

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