Rocky Defeats Drago Again as T.J. Oshie Reigns Supreme

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tj-oshio-shootout-olympics-memeT.J. Oshie. Mercia. Team USA Hockey. Merica. Wow!

Unfreakingbelievable performance. It felt like a Game 7 of a Stanley Cup Final. Nerves are so high that you are standing, not sitting, in your living room and you are yelling at the TV at 9 am in the morning. Not succumbing to Drago’s speed and power (Ovie) and Teddy KGB’s smarts and skills (Datsyuk), Team USA gave us a performance that will live on in Olympic hockey history.

Since we are Hulkamaniacs that take our vitamins and proudly wave the red, white and blue flag with the Rocky IV soundtrack blasting in the background, a beer in one hand and some bacon cooking up on the skillet, we decided to have some fun with this moment. Here’s a few meme’s that we created to commemorate T.J. Oshie’s amazing shootout performance, Jonathan Quick’s rock solid goaltending, and the Team USA victory as a whole.


What’s up T.J. Yoshi.


You know Jonathan Quick was an Omar fan.


The Goodyear blimp says T.J. Oshie’s a pimp.

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