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nerf turbo

nerf turboAt Bacon Sports we love to keep it old school and remember the days when Starter jackets were dope, NBA teams weren’t comprised of a Big 3 where everyone is all buddy buddy with each other, and video game systems were only 16 bit. We used to collect sports cards and systematically try and pick which pack in the box would be the one that would yield the best cards (I always went with the back left, second from the bottom), we spent countless hours riding bikes with no helmets, we dealt with the repercussions of leaving a Nerf football in the rain (not a pretty sight), and we remember the excitement of going out to the driveway in the morning to get the USA Today so that we could check the box scores and know what went down in the world of sports (damn you late games!).

We love to cover what’s going on in sports today but we are who we are because of the countless hours we spent pushing an A or B button furiously or seeing MJ and Nique battle in the greatest dunk contest ever. Because of this we are starting the Bacon Sports Hall of Fame and we want your help. What things from your childhood up until you went to college were so iconic or fantastic that it deserves to be enshrined in a category with the best of the vintage best?

We’ve already posed this question on Facebook and Twitter and received some of the following preliminary nominations.

  • Ken Griffey Jr’s 1989 Upper Deck rookie card
  • Billy Ripken’s F*ck Face card
  • NHL 94 on Sega
  • The Nerf Turbo
  • The Fab 5’s baggy shorts
  • The original Call of Duty (it’s already debatable if this is retro enough since it came out in 2003)
  • OJ’s White Bronco (it interrupted an NBA Finals game)
  • Coleco Electronic Quarterback
  • Horace Grant’s rec spec (not actually Horace Grant)
  • Allen Iverson’s “Practice” rant
  • Starter Jackets
  • Nolan Ryan Strike Zone baseball
  • The adjustable height backboard
  • Bo Jackson Nike Cross Trainers
  • Andre Agassi shorts with neon tights underneath
  • The Aerobi frisbee
  • Rickey Henderson’s neon green Mizuno batting gloves
  • Flip up shades that baseball players wear
  • The baseball that had fingerprints to show you how to throw a fasteball, curveball, etc
  • Bo Jackson in Tecmo bow

We’ll be narrowing the list down in the next week to come up with a final ballot but we are still looking for more nominations. Once we’ve decided on a final ballot we’ll hear arguments for why the nominee’s should be inducted and then we’ll vote.

So what else do you guys think is worthy of being included in the first ever retro Hall of Fame? Put your nominee’s in the comments, tweets them to us, or hit us up on Facebook. If your nominee gets inducted then we’ll send you a Bacon Sports koozie.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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