Big Boy Sports Trivia 3

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bacon sports triviaIt’s Friday so it’s time for another edition of Big Boy Sports Trivia. Hopefully the last few weeks have been both fun and challenging for you. This week will be no exception.

General trivia questions:

  1. ESPN sports anchor Jonathan Coachman was formerly a color commentator for which other company?
  2. Which team did Ryan Leaf last play for?
  3. Rank these players in terms of highest paid to lowest paid (this will be for their 2012-13 salary-signing bonus not included): Sam Bradford, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo, Matthew Stafford, Aaron Rodgers.
  4. Who is the only running back in NFL history with more than 3000 carries to average over 5.0 yards per carry?
  5. Who has scored more touchdowns than any other player in the NFL (non-QB)?
  6. Who has more career NFL touchdowns, Randy Moss or Terrell Owens?
  7. Who holds the record for winning the most championships in NBA history (as a player)?
  8. Since 1970 only one player has won the NBA MVP award 3 consecutive seasons. Who is it?
  9. Who is the only rookie to win the NBA Finals MVP?
  10. Who is the NBA career leader in steals?

What’s his real name? For each of these players they either changed their name or go by something other than their birth name. Tell me their original name.

  1. Chipper Jones
  2. Bison Dele
  3. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
  4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  5. World B. Free
  6. He Hate Me (from the XFL)

Trivia Nugget: Golfer JB Holmes name isn’t actually JB. His first name is John. You can probably guess why he decided to adopt the JB.

Where’d he go to college (all 2006 NFL Draft Edition)? Self explanitory.

  1. Haloti Ngata
  2. Antonio Cromartie
  3. DeAngelo Williams
  4. Joseph Addai
  5. Greg Jennings
  6. Tavaris Jackson
  7. Jerious Norwood
  8. Owen Daniels
  9. Brad Smith
  10. Brandon Marshall
  11. Elvis Dumervil
  12. Cortland Finnegan
  13. Marques Colston
  14. Miles Austin

What is the team name of this school?

  1. Wichita State
  2. Manhattan
  3. North Texas
  4. Northern Arizona
  5. St. Bonaventure
  6. Tulsa
  7. Akron
  8. Campbell
  9. UC Santa Barbara
  10. Southern Illinois
  11. St Louis
  12. Harvard

Before I give you the answers here’s a video of the Top 10 Worst Dunks in Basketball History:

General trivia answers:

  1. The World Wrestling Federation
  2. Dallas Cowboys
  3. Peyton Manning ($18 million), Sam Bradford ($12 m), Matthew Stafford ($11.5 m), Tony Romo ($9 m), Aaron Rodgers ($8 m).
  4. Barry Sanders
  5. Jerry Rice (207)
  6. Terrell Owens  (156 to 154)
  7. Bill Russell (11)
  8. Larry Bird (1983-86)
  9. Magic Johnson in 1980.
  10. John Stockton (3,265)

What’s his real name?

  1. Larry Jones
  2. Brian Williams
  3. Chris Jackson
  4. Lew Alcindor
  5. Lloyd Free
  6. Rod Smart

Where’d he go to college?

  1. Oregon Ducks
  2. Florida State Seminoles
  3. Memphis Tigers
  4. LSU Tigers
  5. Western Michigan Broncos
  6. Alabama St Hornets
  7. Mississippi State Bulldogs
  8. Wisconsin Badgers
  9. Missouri Tigers
  10. UCF Golden Knights
  11. Louisville Cardinals
  12. Samford Bulldogs
  13. Hofstra Pride
  14. Monmouth Fighting Scots

What is the team name of this school?

  1. Wichita State Shockers
  2. Manhattan Jaspers
  3. North Texas Mean Green
  4. Northern Arizona Lumberjacks
  5. St. Bonaventure Bonnies
  6. Tulsa Golden Hurricanes
  7. Akron Zips
  8. Campbell Fighting Camels
  9. UC Santa Barbara Gauchos
  10. Southern Illinois Salukis
  11. St Louis Billikens
  12. Harvard Crimson

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