Terribly Awesome Football Card: Brian Bosworth

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Brian Bosworth aka “The Boz” looks like the product of a gene splicing concoction that is one part Joe Dirt and two parts Ivan Drago. Like Drago, Bosworth had no qualms about pumping his body full of anything that could improve its performance. His dominant college football career was marred by his suspension from the Orange Bowl and ban from the league that Bosworth repeatedly referred to as “National Communists Against Athletes.” These transgressions did not stop the National Football Foundation from inducting Brian Bosworth and fellow NCAA rule-breaker Jim Tressel into the 2015 College Football Hall of Fame, in a display of classic hypocrisy.


Brian Bosworth was a case of style over substance. He could wear a mullet on the level of Dwayne Schintzius when he wasn’t having barbers carve up his dome with intricate lines and patterns. Full of attitude and bravado, Bosworth one-upped Eli Manning and John Elway by sending letters to multiple teams before the draft informing them that he had absolutely no intention of playing for them if drafted. One of those teams drafted him anyway and signed the rookie to the largest contract in NFL history at the time worth $11 million dollars over ten years.

Unlike modern Seahawk Richard Sherman, Bosworth was all bark and no bite, as evidenced by a week of trash talk about stopping Bo Jackson only to get trucked by him on this play. A shoulder injury ended Brian Bosworth’s career after only two seasons making him one of the biggest busts in NFL history. The injury did allow him to get on with his life’s work, acting in B movies and Dish TV commercials with the likes of Heath Schuler and Matt Leinart.

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