Acting a Fool at Buffalo Wild Wings and taking the Big Kick Challenge

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big-kick-challengeWings. Beer. Sports. Three of the greatest things in life. They are a cousin of the hat trick of awesomeness that we are throwing, the Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration.

This week we were given a gift card to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to try out the new Coca-Cola Zero Big Kick Challenge app to see what we thought. If we are going to review something then we were going to do it our way. Ain’t nobody got time for a crappy all text review. Here’s a photo diary of our lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings playing around with the Big Kick Challenge app and us causing a ruckus.

big kick challenge bw3

The crew for this excursion were fellow Bacon Sports superstars Drew Grote, Matt Glamkowski, and myself.

bw3 tvs

The Buffalo Wild Wings on Clybourn Ave in Chicago just opened up and was the place we were going to call home for an hour or two. This sure would be a baller man cave setup. Let’s get Tony Siragusa on that.

big kick challenge bw3

One of the things that drives me nuts, aside from hard butter, is sports bars that don’t have good TV’s everywhere. They definitely went hard in the paint as there were an orgy of TV’s.

big kick challenge sign

Now it’s time to play the Big Kick Challenge. The elevator pitch is that it’s an app that you download and you get to pretend that you are Olindo Mare or Morten Andersen and digitally kick a football through the goal posts. You line up your phone with the goalposts that are on you table (pictured above) and using your finger fire away. Simple as that.

big kick challenge bw3 app

You register that bad boy and are good to go.

big kick challenge bw3

Gameplay is easy to understand. The further back you are from the goalposts on your table the further your field goal attempt is. Naturally, with us being three dudes, we opted to go from as far back as possible right away. Unfortunately making a kick from 90 yards away is not easy and resulted in us scoring no points.

Good job to the makers of the app for not making this game too easy where you score every time. They even added in a wind effect to make it more difficult. When you move closer the field goals are more attainable so the challenge becomes how far away you stand where you know you can make it but maximize your points at the same time.

bacon sports bw3

(In a Marv Albert Voice) From wayyyyy downtown…….YES!!

big kick challenge bw3

Guys, this app is a great opportunity for you to:

A. attempt to hit on your waitress by having her play it with you.
B. attempt to hit on the girls at the table next to you by having them join in.
C. have fun while waiting for your delicious food to arrive.

Answer: D. all of the above

bw3 td

See, they approve. And the crowd goes wild! USA! USA!

eating wings bw3

Something happened while at Buffalo Wild Wings that I wasn’t expecting and we were pleasantly surprised about. Not only did they step up their TV game but the wings were mighty delicious. I’m a wing snob and take my wing eating very seriously. I like semi-mutant looking wings that are big and meaty. My girlfriend is from Buffalo, which is the gold standard for wing eating, so I accept nothing but the best.

Buffalo Wild Wings has always been known for having some of the best sauces out there but I would rarely frequent their establishments because the size of the wings weren’t large enough. If I’m doing wings I want the total package (just like Lex Luger). Well someone must have told someone who told someone about it because these wings were huge. Like Laron Landry huge. This caught us totally off guard, in the most pleasant of ways. Congratulations for stepping your game up Buffalo Wild Wings! We were impressed.

posing bw3

Now that we were done eating we wanted to act a fool. Shout out to the staff for joining in on the festivities. In case you were wondering, we had no hand in recommending that she Tebowed. She did it entirely on her own accord.

big kick challenge bw3 number one

We decided to commandeer the Big Kick Challenge sign and bring it with us everywhere we went.

big kick challenge bw3

Here’s a good view of what the app looks like. What’s nice is that you are not limited to playing just at your table. As long as you’ve got those goal posts you are good to go. By the way, Android screens are significantly bigger and more vibrant than iPhone screens.

big kick challenge bw3

MJ + the goal posts. Ya it’s a stretch but we were in a wing coma.

big kick challenge bw3


big kick challenge bw3

We’ve got a sign, the claw grab game, and a camera. What should we do? Hmm…

big kick challenge bw3

Climb on top of it and play the Big Kick Challenge, obviously.

big kick challenge bw3

You really can play this game anywhere. Even outside the dudes bathroom. Note: no dudes were hurt in the filming of this project. 


A big shout out to the servers at Buffalo Wild Wings and Coca-Cola Zero for filling our tummies with wingy and introducing us to a cool app. Next time you are at a Buffalo Wild Wings download it and give it a play. It’s significantly more entertaining then reading Facebook updates about peoples cats.

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