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college-football-trivia-quiz-phil-steelePhil Steele’s College Football Preview, which is the bible for college football fans, comes out next week and that signals college football is right around the corner. To get you excited I’m dropping a college football sports trivia quiz to get your juices flowing.

1. What former QB and national title winner, who enjoyed a brief stint in the NFL, was the oldest winner of the Heisman Trophy?

2. Speaking of former Heisman Trophy winners, who is the only winner to play primarily on defense?

3. What NCAA FBS school has appeared in the most bowl games?

4. This former Heisman Trophy winner is the leading career rusher in NCAA FBS history with over 7,000 yards. Who is he?

5. Excluding the newer SEC teams (Texas A&M & Missouri), what three current members have never won a conference title in football?

6. This former Steelers first-round draft bust currently holds the record for most TD catches in a single season with 27. Who is he?

7. Of all FBS teams with a minimum of 15 bowl appearances, this PAC-12 team has the highest winning percentage all-time. Who are they?

8. What FBS squad set the record for most losses in a season with 13 in 2003? (Hint: They play as an independent.)

9. Heisman Trophy winners have been predominantly QBs and RBs. What Big Ten player was the last WR to win the award?

10. Which former Hawaii QB threw the most TDs in a single season, tossing 58 in 2006?

11. What Big 12 team holds the record for most points scored in one season, which they did in 2008?

12. What college football power and multiple national title winner has the distinction of having the most consecutive home games without a loss (this includes ties)?

In honor of its’ 20th anniversary (that makes me feel old), here is one of the greatest highlights in college football history called by the great Keith Jackson. If you look closely at the start of the video, you’ll see murderer Rae Carruth.

1. Chris Weinke 28 years old in 2000
2. Charles Woodson 1997
3. Alabama – 61 bowl games
4. Ron Dayne 7,125 yards
5. South Carolina, Arkansas, and Vanderbilt
6. Troy Edwards
7. Utah Utes .765 winning percentage
8. Army (0-13)
9. Desmond Howard 1991
10. Colt Brennan
11. Oklahoma Sooners 716 points
12. Florida State 60 games 1992-2001


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