Declaring the Winner of our British Open Best Ball Challenge

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british-open-best-ball-23challengePhil Mickelson went HAM in the final round of the British Open and delivered a performance that will be near or at the top of his career highlight real. Like we’ve done for each of the previous Majors we ran a Best Ball Challenge (via ESPN). After 4 rounds of changing lineups and inserting golfers that many of us couldn’t name we’ve got a winner. Congratulations to college fraternity brother and current Duke and Detroit sports fan Paul Wilson. He won with a -33 by the skin of his teeth as he took the aggregate tiebreaker from “Clad’s Killers” (the tiebreaker was lowest score when combining all of the Majors). Wilson wins a Bacon Sports Tecmo Bowl t-shirt and “Clad’s Killers” wins two Bacon Sports Canadian Bacon Punts on 3rd Down koozies. If you are “Clad’s Killers” send an email to so that we can get your address and send you the koozies.

See ya at the PGA Championship in August for the final leg of our Best Ball Challenge series!

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Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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