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athletes-tinderIt’s goin’ down! I’m yelling Tinder! Now that Jimmy Fallon’s signed up Britt-Britt for the infamous dating app, I think we’d all like to see what the profiles of our favorite celebs would look like. Since we’re more into famous athletes here at Bacon Sports, I thought I’d take a whack at creating some Tinder profiles for a few high-profile superstars. Note: every spelling, punctuation and grammatical error was quite intentional. Hey, I had to maintain some degree of authenticity here!

gronk-tinderGronk – Because of course Gronk would post a shitless pic and not use any punctuation. Ever.

ronaldo-tinderRonaldo – Now here’s a guy who knows how to charm women. Remember, y’all, if you can’t be found gracing the pages of the swimsuit issue, you probably don’t have a chance with the pride of Portugal.

mayweather-tinderFloyd Mayweather Jr. – It’s no secret our boy Floyd ain’t so hot when it comes to reading, so I’d bet Mayweather amounts of money his Tinder would make little to no sense from a grammatical standpoint. But he does party with the Biebs, and that’s bound to get a guy a few right swipes.

hope-solo-tinderHope Solo – A little thing called being married won’t stop America’s craziest soccer player from meeting some new people. At least she’s forthcoming in her profile.

kevin-love-tinderKevin Love – Well, now that he’s moving to Ohio he’ll probably need this more than anyone. If you’ve frequented Cleveland at any point in your life, you know how difficult it us to find good looking people there, especially now that Grady Sizemore doesn’t play for the Indians anymore.

stanton-tinderGiancarlo Stanton – He’d totally use those busted up face pics, and he’d still get more play than you.

geno-tinderEvgeni Malkin – Hey, you try infiltrating the dating scene in Pittsburgh when you speak broken English with a thick Russian accent and constantly make Eli Manning face (you know the one, blank stare, mouth agape). Just saying, it’s hard out there for talented millionaire hockey gods. Geno Malkin keeps it simple with a classic line.

Well, shiver me tinders! I hope you’ve enjoyed these Tinder profiles as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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Rebecca Ramos

Rebecca Ramos

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