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Hockey fans jumping the glass and getting destroyed

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jumping-over-glass-hockeyThe NHL playoffs are heating up like nailing two from way downtown in NBA Jams. Here are five hockey videos about fans jumping the glass or about a current storyline within this years NHL playoffs.

This is how Dan Bylsma should react after the Penguins loss last night

Marc-Andre Fleury gave another dumpster fire performance in net for the Penguins last night. He’s not the only one that deserves blame but the soft goals that he’s given up most certainly have not helped the cause. The Penguins could have swept this series just as easily as they could be down 3-1 right now. If I’m Bylsma I’m going nuts. There’s too much talent on the team to be playing like this.

Frank Pietrangelo “The Save”

This save by Pietrangelo is the opposite of how Marc-Andre Fleury has been in net. Include me in the camp that believes that Tomas Vokun should take the net for the Pens in Game 5.

Bruins fan jumps on ice, gets crushed by ref

Of all the sports to rush the field/ice/court hockey is definitely the hardest to do and lowest on the totem pole that I’d want to do. Climbing over the boards would be difficult, once you are on the ice you are going to be walking like someone just threw banana peels at you in Mario Kart, and since there are virtually no exits at all you are certainly going to get caught and arrested. Getting leveled by the ref is definitely not one of the options that this guy thought was going to happen but for all of us we are sure glad that it did.

Rob Ray pounds a fan in Quebec who jumps on the ice

If the first video of the guy who jumped the glass getting crushed by the ref doesn’t deter you from jumping on the ice then this one certainly will. When jumping over the glass why in your right mind would you head immediately over to the opposing bench? This makes less sense than Rick DiPietro’s contract and the Red Sox trading Babe Ruth combined. To make a bad situation even worse, on the bench for the Sabres is hockey tough guy Rob Ray. He would definitely be one of the least people in the world that I’d want to fight and that is very evident as he goes to town on this fan. Sometimes doing something stupid is worth it so that you can tell the story about it. This is not one of those instances.

Tie Domi fights fan in Philly in penalty box

For some people it takes seeing things a few times before they learn. As if getting leveled by the ref and getting pummeled by Rob Ray isn’t enough of an example of why fans should stay behind the glass at a hockey game then let this be the final lesson. Rob Ray is one of the five players in the NHL that I’d least like to fight. Number one or number two (depending on where I’d rank Bob Probert) would be fighting Tie Domi. I would rather fight a ravenous tiger from the jungle than Tie Domi. Why in your right mind you would try and jump over the glass to fight him I have no clue. The best case scenario of how this will unfold is that you get two black eyes and you get arrested. Yes, BEST CASE. Freaking hockey fans getting weird.


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