Terribly Awesome Basketball Card: Fennis Dembo

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Fennis Dembo has one of the all-time best basketball names. Fennis and his twin sister Fenise were the 11th and 12th children in the Dembo family. Their sister Zona suggested the names in hopes they would be the last children in the family. The names are based off of “finis” which is the French word for “finish.” Considering they already had a child named Zona, it is clear the Dembo parents were open to obscure names, and maybe after that many kids you just run out of ideas. Right, Antonio Cromartie?

Fennis had a stellar college career for the Wyoming Cowboys finishing as their all-time leading scorer and gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated dressed as a cowboy. This would be a bit of foreshadowing, because in 2003, the gunslinger was forced to shoot down a home intruder. Dembo killed the burglar and no one else was injured, but the incident mentally weighed on Dembo for quite some time.

Dembo’s college success didn’t translate to the NBA, leaving him with a lot in common with Darko Milicic. Besides their bizarre names, both were drafted in the first round by the Detroit Pistons. Both rode the pine to an NBA Championship averaging less than 2 points per game. In Dembo’s case, it was his only NBA season, so he has won a championship in 100% of his seasons in the NBA. Take that Bill Russell.

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Jim Gruseck

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