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cup stacking

cup stackingIn this weeks five random sports videos I give you a kid that is best in the world at the most useless thing ever, a bone crushing Adrian Peterson hit from a few years ago, old school Steve Nash dishing out a sweet dime, two guys that would destroy you at ping pong, and a guy that tries really hard at racquetball.

Kid amazing at speed stacking cups:

Batting Stance Guy says that he has the least marketable skill in America but I’m not so sure after watching this video. What amazes me is that there is a crowd for this competition and that grown men are there judging and commentating this event. What does it say about your life when instead of watching football on a Sunday you decide to don a cheap referees pinny and officiate the 10 year old speed cup stacking event?

Adrian Peterson with a bone crushing hit on William Gay:

Adrian Peterson is going absolute Beastmode on the NFL right now so I thought it would be appropriate to bring back one of my favorite AP plays ever. After watching that would you rather be able to do a 360 dunk or run over William Gay like AP did? I’d have to believe that running over another professional athlete like that would be much more enjoyable.

Old school Steve Nash with a sweet dish:

The current Los Angeles Lakers version of Steve Nash is not the same Steve Nash that was winning MVP’s with the Phoenix Suns. Since I’m a white guy that can’t dunk nor am I quick like D.Rose I have to take pride in the way that I pass the ball. Steve Nash is the NBA player that I’d most want to be if I was able to model my game after someone. Seeing sick passes like this is just as enjoyable for me as seeing a windmill dunk.

You don’t want to play these guys at ping pong:

Not that there was any debate but this only confirms the stereotype that Asian’s are amazing at ping pong. If you thought that someone was going to run onto the table at some point during the volley please raise your hand. I didn’t know that was an option since my ping pong table that I had in the early 90’s would have collapsed and likely caused serious bodily harm had I or anyone tried to jump onto it to win a point.

Racquetball accident:

The quality of this video makes me believe that at one point this was on America’s Funniest Home videos. Maybe it was during the years that Daisy Fuentes was the host (I could only hope). While running through the glass at a racquetball court is pretty amazing what’s even more amazing is that there is a crowd there watching these guys. Sure racquetball is a fast action sport but since when was there room for bleachers? On top of that these guy don’t exactly look like the Tom Brady’s of racquetball. They look like they’d be lucky to win the weekend tournament at the Y.

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