Freaking Yinzers, they are everywhere!

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amos zereoue steelers jersey

Yinzers are like seeing 1992’s fashion trends combined with early Internet web design with flashing smiley faces and head to toe black and gold. You are taken back by what you are seeing and can’t believe that they actually exist and walk around in public like that. Yinzers can be obnoxious, are always waving around a Terrible Towel, and like Waldo they always seem to pop up rocking Steelers gear in the unlikeliest of places. Here are a few instances that I captured of Pittsburgh Steelers fans being yinzerific in very public places.

amos zereoue steelers jersey

At the TGI Friday’s in the Pittsburgh airport I caught this gem. Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a chick rocking an Amos Zereoue Steelers jersey while at work. Nothing makes that Jack Daniels chicken and shrimp combo taste better than having it served to you by someone rocking the jersey of a running back named after a well known cookie. After the dumpster fire of a performance against the Browns on Sunday by their running backs the Steelers should give Famous Amos a call. It’s not like he could be any worse than Rashard Mendenhall.

gate agents wearing steelers jerseys

No, this isn’t a Southwest ticket counter where things are fun and loose like a foam party at Coco Bongo on Spring Break. This is just a regular old United ticket counter where rocking jerseys is the norm and not wearing Steelers gear makes you lamer than watching Mike and Molly. In Pittsburgh when you wake up your thought process goes something like this: “Which four articles of Steelers gear should I put on today?”, “Oh wait, I’ve got a wedding to go to, I’ll only put on three”, “Boy am I glad Plaxico Burress is back. I can now put him back into rotation with my Erric Pegram jersey“. Freaking yinzers.

102 year old steelers fan

While flipping channels in the morning I came across this yinzer who somehow managed to get on TV because he’s 102 years old. Naturally he took this opportunity to yinzer-up this occasion for national attention by rocking a Steelers hat. I guess the cameraman wouldn’t show him in his Zubaz pants so the hat had to do. If I’m ever 102 years old and my picture is superimposed on a Smucker’s jam graphic on the Today Show I hope that I look as spry as this guy. His smile says “I haven’t watched the games that Byron Leftwich and Charlie Batch started at quarterback this season” but his hat says “I did watch those game but I just forgot about it already because I’m 102 freaking years old”.


Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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