Freezing my butt off at the Chicago Bears MNF game

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freezing-beer-bears-frontLast night I was one of the brave and crazy souls to attend the Bears vs Cowboys Monday Night Football game where the temperature was 8 degrees with a -9 degree windchill. This made it the 4th coldest game in Chicago Bears history. I was given a free ticket to the game by our resident Sports Architect Matt Glamkowski. Not attending the game wasn’t an option. I’m a man and a sports fan. You accept free Monday Night Football tickets, regardless of the temperature. This is my account of what went down on this blissful evening.


I’m not stupid. I knew it was going to be freezing. Because of this I was preparing to wear enough clothing where I could withstand an attack of Independence Day proportions from Mother Nature. I had on long johns, sweat pants, Smartwool ski socks (which are the greastest socks known to man), a long sleeve dry fit shirt, a Chicago Bulls hoodie, a North Face ski jacket, ski pants, a pair of gloves, a scarf, a tossel cap, a Bearo, and a Team USA Mitch Richmond jersey.

It is pretty hilarious when people wear NFL jerseys when they are skiing so I figured that I’d take up it another level by rocking a hoopster jersey. The Olympics are coming up so why not get ahead of the curve and start cheering on the U-S of A. This is the first time I’ve ever rocked a hoopster jersey over a ski jacket and to my knowledge I haven’t seen a picture of someone doing it before. I guess there’s a first for everything. Confident that I can survive the freezing death outside my journey begins.


On the bus down to Soldier field I run into this dude rocking a Robbie Gould jersey who was a trip. Before I could ask him about why he’s rocking a Robbie Gould jersey he offers up the scene below.


69. The joke never gets old.


I got down to Soldier Field around 5:45pm to tailgate. While walking around and admiring ambulances turned into tailgating machines I came across this vodka gun. Simply put, it is a plastic gun filled with vodka. Awesome.


Right next to the vodka gun was this horse. Ride it…my pony (for you Ginuwine fans out there).


I wanted to take more pictures from the tailgate parking lots and the game except my iPhone stopped working because it was so cold. Really. I had to have Drew send me some photos from his phone because mine only worked about 15% of the night. That’s why I’ll jump up to our seats for the game. Well done Matt. They were badass. Good seats give you about a 1% boost in warmth.


The Bacon Sports crew. It may have been freezing in the stands but it was blazing hot on the field. The Cowboys defense makes Missouri’s D against Auburn look like the 85′ Bears.

By the way, get out of here with the Josh McCown should start over Jay Cutler talk. McCown is a journeyman that is hot. Simple as that. Cutler is the starter when healthy, no questions asked.


It was so cold out that beer froze and turned into slushies.


Sweet Blackhawks Starter jacket dude.


A Cheese Cup for $2.50 when a soft pretzel costs $4.50? You’ve gotta be kidding me. What makes this so egregious is that a soft pretzel is about twice as good with a cheese cup. Knowing that you have to eat the soft pretzel in a minute or less before it becomes hard as a rock from the cold, having the cheese cup is almost a necessity. $0.50, sure. $1, OK I get it. $2.50? Get outta here.


Great example of someone rocking gear of a team that is not even playing. Despite this that is a sweet retro Forty Niners jacket.


When you finished a beer this is what it looked like afterwards.


Tonight the Bears retired Mike Ditka’s number (yes, it took that long). On the way home one of the buildings did a great job of giving him some dap. My friend Marty D once told me that if he could have any job he’d want to be the guy who creates sayings and designs with building lights (like this). I agree, that would be a sweet job.

From here I ran, just like in college when you wanted to get home from the bars at 2 am so that you can heat up that hot pocket, about a mile to Michigan Ave to catch a cab. Soldier Field is the absolute worst to get public transportation or a cab from and running actually got blood flowing so I could feel my feet again. Once I was finally able to hail a cab I praised and thanked the driver for picking me up like he helped rescue an oil tanker captain from a bunch of Somali Pirates. Warmth.

Sure it was freezing but had I stayed home I never would have learned about a vodka gun or seen two Bears fans put their jerseys together and make a 69. Life’s more fun when you are doing stuff.





Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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