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15 Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas For Under $20

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funny white elephant gift ideas amazon

Looking for funny white elephant gift ideas for under $20? Then you’ve come to the right place.

For the last nine years, myself and Mrs Bacon throw a white elephant party. Our goal is simple, drink beer with friends and give each other gifts that are $20 or less that make the night one to remember.

Despite the premise being the same every year people still screw up their white elephant gift. Before I give you some funny white elephant gift ideas I’ll give you some simple do’s and don’t that’ll make your white elephant gift a hit of the party.

  • Don’t buy anything normal. Normal is boring. This includes anything from the Container Store, Crate & Barrel, or can be used to serve food at a later date.
  • Do buy things that people can wear at the party and/or bar afterwards. Nothing takes a white elephant party to the next level like a few drinks and a Chewbacca mask.
  • Don’t treat your white elephant gift like an opportunity to give junk to Goodwill. Giving away crap that you don’t want only makes you look lame and is against the spirit of the white elephant party.
  • Do buy things that light up. They make the Instagram pics and Snapchat stories more fun and visually appealing.
  • Don’t give booze. On the surface this seems like a good idea but it’s actually not. You should just bring a bottle of booze to the party to begin with and bring a white elephant gift on top of it. This gift lacks creativity and is redundant.
  • Do put in effort with your white elephant gift. The goal of the party is to be creative, have fun, and make the party better with your gift. When that happens you increase the Charlie Kelly Wildcard factor by 10.
  • Don’t give food or condiments. That’s lame dot com and yes, someone has given condiments before.
  • Do spend the extra few dollars if your gift is going to be over $20 if it is guaranteed to crush. You’ll make up for it with the beers people buy you at the bar afterwards.
  • Don’t buy Toilet Golf or any of those cheap bathroom sport gifts. In theory they seem funny. In reality the idea falls flat as there are much more creative and funny gifts that add to the party. There is a 100% chance that this gift does not get opened up or used.
  • Do expect that your white elephant gift will end up in the broken, lost, or anything in between. Once it is out of your hands it is up to the white elephant party Gods as to what happens to it.

Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas



Shot Roulette

This is a white elephant party Hall of Fame worthy gift as it is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only is the person who gets it incredibly excited to get it, but it’s likely to be stolen multiple times. Once it finally settles on an owner then it’s time to get the shot roulette party started. Combine this with some costumes and masks and things are about to get lit.

This is also the rare gift that gets used at the white elephant party and the person who won it wants it back the next day (sticky shot juice and all.) It is that awesome.

white elephant gift ideas amazon

big fist

Chewbacca Mask

The hit white elephant gift of last year’s party was a Chewbacca Mask that made noise when it was worn. Not only does it work for both guys and girls, but it is the most Snapchat worthy gift possible. Hilarity ensues when you try and eat and drink with the mask on, which only gets better as the night goes on. Bonus points if there are two of them as you can create Olan Mills like photos as a happy Wookie family.

white elephant gift ideas amazon

chambong white elephant gift idea


Each of the last two years this was the most sought after white elephant party gift (especially with the ladies.) Who wouldn’t want to bong champagne when you are celebrating with your friends? This gift not only crushes at the party but it also has a long shelf life as it can be brought out any time you want to get down (think bachelorette parties, summertime house parties, Sunday Funday.) The Chambong costs $35 but the extra few dollars you spend on this gift are well worth it as there is a 100% chance it’ll be the hit of the party.

white elephant gift ideas amazon

chewbacca mask funny white elephant gift ideas

Giant Fist Beer Kooler

While we are at it, in that same pic was another fan favorite, the Giant Fist Beer Kooler. This gift is definitely going to get stolen as it instantly makes drinking and taking pics more fun. Channel your inner Incredible Hulk with this white elephant gift and watch as you and Chewbacca go on a magical adventure. It will also get you tons of dap at the bar afterwards and you’ll be disappointed the morning after when you wake up and somehow it didn’t make it home with you.

white elephant gift ideas amazon


Das Boot

This is a classic white elephant gift that never fails. It’s not a gift that is likely to get stolen or get you a ton of dap but it is one that will be a huge contributor to sending the party to the next level. The key to Das Boot is once it is opened to immediately start using it. This is a great white elephant gift for a party veteran that cares more about the larger picture of amping things up a few levels.

white elephant gift ideas amazon

guzzle buddy white elephant

Guzzle Buddy

For all the wine lovers out there this Guzzle Buddy will get you from zero to 100 almost immediately. That is a great recipe for success at a White Elephant Party. Plus, this has a high reusability factor as it would crush any time you want to tie one on while looking awesome at the same time.

white elephant gift ideas amazon

horse mask

Horse Mask

As a rule of thumb, if you want people to get weird then you should buy an animal mask. Sure 50-75% of people at the party won’t put it on. However, you are focused on the 25-50% that will. Once that happens get your camera out because it’s time to start horsing around.

This is also a gift that has a great shelf life as it makes bachelor parties and tailgates much more fun.

white elephant gift ideas amazon


Inflatable Unicorn Costume

Inflatable costumes are as rare as seeing a unicorn, which is exactly why you need to buy one as your white elephant gift. It checks all of the boxes that you are looking for as everyone will want it, it makes photos better, and you become the life of the party. If your crew follows my suggestions then you’ll have a unicorn, Chewbacca, a horse, and a monkey getting down. Sign me up for that!

white elephant gift ideas amazon


Poop Emoji Slippers

These poop emoji slippers are another crowd favorite. They are creative, different, funny, and surprisingly comfy as shit (pun intended.) You never knew you wanted poop emoji slippers until you wore them, and then you never knew how you ever lived without them.

Another bonus about this gift is they are easy to wear to the bar afterwards where you’ll become a true party champion. The problem is 50% of people will want to keep them for their everyday use so the upside is capped.

white elephant gift ideas amazonhottest-hot-sauces

World’s Hottest Hot Sauces

One of my white elephant gift do’s and don’ts is to not buy food. However, there is an exception to that rule and it comes in the form of the World’s Hottest Hot Sauces. I learned the power of this gift from personal experience. I was actually the one to buy this as my white elephant gift. My thought process was as everyone is getting all tuned up it was inevitable that someone would open it up. When that happens the odds of a Wildcard moment happening are very high.

Well the white elephant party Gods must have a sick sense of humor because it came back to bit me in the ass. Someone opened up the World’s Hottest Hot Sauce and it spilled on our counter. Knowing that this was like touching lava, I put on a hazmat suit to clean it up (or what felt like one.) Despite my every precaution of safety, including washing my hands five times and not actually touching the hot sauce with my skin, it found a way to get me. Unfortunately this happened a few minute after I took a leak when I noticed my junk was on fire. DAMN YOU WORLD’S HOTTEST HOT SAUCE!

Then the next morning Mrs Bacon was cleaning up the kitchen and unbeknownst to her she got some on her fingers. She then went and put her contacts in. Yep, she put the World’s Hottest Hot Sauce in her eyes.

And it is because of this story that you need to buy this as your white elephant gift. There is no telling what will happen when you play with fire hotter than the furnaces of hell.

white elephant gift ideas amazon


Tupac socks

If you want a white elephant party gift that is unique and will 100% get stolen multiple times then get these Tupac socks. A few years ago my gift was Orlando Magic Shaq & Penny Stance stocks and they were a hot commodity. Yes this gift doesn’t add to the fun of the party, but it is one that has a long shelf life as they will now become a staple in the new owner’s wardrobe.

white elephant gift ideas amazon


Biggie Socks

You can’t have Tupac socks without Biggie socks. “It’s all good baby baby!”

white elephant gift ideas amazon


Bracelet Flask

This gift is one part fashion, one part party. Not only will it allow you to refill your drink with ease, it can also be used to sneak booze into festivals, concerts, and games. Talk about dual purpose.

white elephant gift ideas amazon


Monkey Onesie

While not everyone is willing to put on a mask, about 90% of people are willing to put on a onesie. What makes this white elephant gift so awesome is that most people are dressed relatively nice for the party. Once this is opened all of that gets thrown out the window and you instantly become the life of the party. “Hey, look at Curious George over there playing shot roulette and using a banana as a telephone.”

This gift will 100% be stolen multiple times so if you get it first don’t get too comfortable with it as it’ll be gone quickly.

white elephant gift ideas amazon


Carlton Banks Sweatshirt

Sometimes you have to be willing to spend an extra $10 to get a gift that will absolutely crush. This Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sweatshirt fits that category. Not only will it be great for photos and videos at your White Elephant Party, but it is the gift that keeps on giving as it’ll be worn countless times after.

white elephant gift ideas amazon


DRINKO Shot Game

If you are anything like me you watched Price is Right as a kid and dreamed of playing Plinko. Now you have that opportunity, except instead of winning cash you get to do a shot. This is a gift that is both fun and gets the party turnt up. We ended up playing with two shots of Fireball, one shot of Malort, two shots of Tequilla, and one shot of Jameson. It’s safe to say that we were all winners by the end of the night.

white elephant gift ideas amazon

If you end up purchasing one of these awesome white elephant gifts then let me know how it goes and bonus points for sending over a pic or video of it. Also, if you have any white elephant gift ideas that have worked well for you I’d love to hear about it so I can include it in this post. You can hit us up @BaconSports on all social media platforms. Have fun!

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