7 best photos when you Google “Manute Bol Muggsy Bogues”

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manute bol muggsy bogues card

manute bol muggsy boguesWhile watching college football yesterday my mind started to wander and I decided to do a Google images search for “Manute Bol Muggsy Bogues”. Here are the 7 best photos that I found.


Lets skip the obvious, look at those sweet sneaks that Manute Bol is rocking. I need to get a pair of those bad boys stat! Did you know that Manute Bol wore a size 16 1/2 shoe? You know what they say about big feet…you are probably the starting center for the Washington Bullets.


This is a rare photo of Michael Jordan rocking a number 12 jersey against the Orlando Magic. His jersey was stolen 90 minutes before the game, on Valentine’s Day none the less, thus he had to rock a #12. MJ lit up the Magic for 49 points that game but the Bulls lost by 6 in OT. Here’s a short video showing some highlights from the game.





Sweet nut huggers Dad.


Did you know that Manute Bol went to the University of Bridgeport? He was drafted two rounds ahead of Arvydas Sabonis and Spud Webb in the 1985 NBA Draft.


Speaking of the devil. This looks to be a screenshot from a VH1 I love the 80’s spoof called “NBA 80’s”. Who wouldn’t want to know Bill Bellamy’s take on Muggsy Bogues and Spud Webb? I can’t wait to hear what Michael Rapaport has to say about Detlef Schrempf.


I bet you’ve never seen a picture of Yao Ming wearing jeans standing next to Muggsy Bogues. Well here it is.


MJ rocking the 45 while Muggsy Bogues tries to D him up. Bitch please.

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