Happy Birthday Babe Ruth from The Sandlot and Goonies

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happy-birthday-babe-ruth-sandlot-2Happy Birthday Babe Ruth! On February 6, 1895 arguably the greatest baseball player ever was born and he left a lasting impact on the world that even he could not have imagined. Take for example one of the greatest scenes from one of the best sports movies ever, The Sandlot.

And who could forget this infamous scene from Goonies where Chunk and Sloth bond over a Baby Ruth candy bar.

A New York based comedian/writer named Tom Cassidy hit us up and let us know that he created a short film called “Babe Ruth Time Traveler”.┬áThe Great Bambino is cursed by a Gypsy and sent spiraling through time, to the year 2012. After being hit by their car, Ruth is united with two young men who attempt to adjust the Babe to the new era. Since we are all about sports and comedy we were bout it bout it.

Awesome job Tom and crew! They are releasing the sequel on Feb 11 so don’t forget to check it out.

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