Hard Sports Trivia: Stanley Cup Playoffs Edition

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hard-sports-trivia-stanley-cupIt’s Friday so it’s time for another edition of hard sports trivia questions. The NHL Playoffs are down to the final four so it felt appropiate to drop an all Stanley Cup Playoffs edition. Good luck!


1. Who was the last Canadian franchise to win the Stanley Cup?
2. Who holds the record for playing in the most playoff games in NHL history?
3. What Hall of Fame goalie has the record for most Stanley Cup playoff losses?
4. What NHL franchise, currently, has the longest Stanley Cup drought?
5. What NHL Hall of Famer holds the record for the highest goals per game average in the playoffs?
6. What NHL franchise holds the record for most consecutive Stanley Cup Playoff appearances?
7. This future Hall of Fame center has the most overtime playoff goals with 8. Who is he?
8. What “bird-loving” goalie holds the record for most consecutive wins in one playoff season?
9. What Jean-Claude Van Damme movie takes place during Game 7 of the Stanley cup Finals between the Penguins and Blackhawks?
10. What American NHL franchise has the mark for most Stanley Cup Finals game wins?

I’ll give you the answers after the bump. If there are two things on TV that are appointment viewing, it would be playoff hockey and movies starring Jean Claude Van Damme. So, when the geniuses in Hollywood finally had the idea to join the two together, it was cinematic gold. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I would highly recommend it for its comedic value.


1. Montreal Canadiens (1993)
2. Chris Chelios (266)
3. Patrick Roy, 94 losses
4. Toronto Maple Leafs, 44 years
5. Mario Lemieux
6. Boston Bruins, 29 years (1968-1996)
7. Joe Sakic
8. Eddie “The Eagle” Belfour with 11 in 1992
9. Sudden Death
10. Detroit Red Wings, 58


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Aaron Senich

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