Jameis Winston Bucs Jersey Sighting!

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The absurdity of custom jerseys is getting better every day and this Jameis Winston Bucs jersey is no exception. Two weeks ago there was a Marcus Mariota Titans jersey sighting.

I’m digging this trend of fans of crappy NFL teams purchasing jerseys of players they hope their team will draft/change their franchise. What I support so much is that these diehards think they are Mel Kiper Jr and are willing to back it up by being the first to rock a player’s jersey.

In the event that the Buccaneers draft Jameis Winston, and he does decide to wear #5, then this guy will look like the sports version of Miss Cleo. It’ll be a story that he’ll tell to strangers on an airplane, people at church, and pretty much anyone who has ears and is within a shouting into a megaphone distance of him.

If the Buccaneers end up drafting Marcus Mariota instead of Jameis Winston then oh well. You’ve got a custom jersey that no other human in the world has and that’s something you can wear proudly and often. Plus, if the Buccaneers continue to suck and the guy they drafted is a bust then rocking the Jameis Winston Buccaneers jersey can be a protest against the team. They should have listened to you.

H/T: @Xmasape

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