Jason Kidd’s Crashed SUV

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Over the weekend Jason Kidd got super wasted at the club, somehow was allowed get into his car and drive, ended up crashing his car and getting a DWI. The photo of what his SUV looked like afterwards was just released and it was worse than his shooting percentage last year (36%).

jason kidd car wreck

Here’s a list of 5 things that are about as bad as what Jason Kidd’s SUV looks like (in no order):

  1. The Kansas City Royals trading Melky Cabrera to the San Francisco Giants for Jonathan Sanchez. Cabrera made the All Star team, was the All Star Game MVP, and is currently hitting .355. Jonathan Sanchez just got sent down to the minors as he was 1-6 with a 7.76 ERA and 1.43 WHIP. Those numbers are putrid but what’s worse is that he got sent down to the minors by the Royals. They are near the bottom in virtually every pitching category.
  2. Martin Kaymar shot a +7 (77) in the first round of the British Open, which was only 2 shots better than the worst score of the day (as of about 12:30 central). To put that into perspective, the usual measure for diaster is how John Daly does. He shot a +2. Back in late February Kaymar was the number one ranked golfer in the world.
  3. Anything related to Dwight Howard being traded. At this point I’d rather hear more about Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens being on steroids.
  4. Dez Bryant hitting his Mom in the face. This is Leonard Little level of messed up.
  5. John Lester’s season. Over the last four years he had no worse than a 3.47 ERA and 1.27 WHIP while losing no more than 9 games. So far this year, in only 19 games, he has 7 losses, a 4.80 ERA and 1.39 WHIP. Considering that he’s supposed to be the Red Sox number one starter those are absolutely putrid numbers.
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