38 Year Old Jason Williams Still Breaking Ankles in Mixtape

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Jason Williams, aka White Chocolate, was always one of my favorite ballers because of his sick handles and AND 1 style game. He was the NBA’s version of The Professor before The Professor even existed.

Well White Chocolate is 38 years old now but that isn’t stopping him from breaking ankles and throwing no look passes. Above is a video of a Jason Williams mixtape from an Orlando Pro-Am where he toys with the opposition like he’s playing rec ball at noon at the YMCA with the old timers.

What’s so great about Jason Williams is that he’s the complete opposite of John Stockton (and I’m not just talking about their shorts). Sure Stockton has that “Stockton to Malone” thing and he’s one of the greatest point guards ever, but I don’t see him coming out with new mixtapes like our boy Jason Williams is.

Big shout out to Jason Williams for still doing his thing and balling hard. I can only hope that he takes a page from the Nature Boy Ric Flair and keeps doing this well into his 50’s.

I’ll leave you with one more Jason Williams mixtape from back in the day showing some of his best highlights from the NBA.

H/T: Ball is Life via Home Team Hoops

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