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JOIN-TEAM-BACON-MOVEMBEROne of my favorite times of the year is almost upon us, Movember. A time when football, basketball, and hockey are all in full swing, hoodies are a staple, and men across the country rock mustaches to look awesome and help raise awareness for men’s health issues. JOIN TEAM BACON this Movember!

I’m a 4-year Mo Bro and am looking to field a team of bacon loving, jersey rocking, sports fans that want to look like Detroit Tigers fan Magnum PI or try their best at being as awesome as Adam Morrison and his dirty stache’. Collectively we’ll be the most stylin and profilin crew known to man.

If you are new to Movember here’s the quick scoop on what goes down:

Step 1: Queue Bone Thugs and on first of the month shave that pretty face of yours.

Step 2: Choose which type of mustache you are going to grow. If this is your first time you probably aren’t up to Rollie Fingers level yet. There are plenty of other mustache mentors out there that you can try and be like. Extra bonus points if you decide to do the Michael Jordan Hitler stache in the Haynes commercial. In order to pull this off you’d have to wear Michael Jordan or Bulls gear for the entire month so as not to elicit any Hitler backlash.


Step 3: Let the magical powers of the mustache work its wonders as you ask your friends, family, co-workers, Facebook friends, and people at the gym to support your Movember quest by donating to your page. In past year’s I’ve incentivized anyone who donates to my page by creating a special thank you video for them. Come up with your own spin on this. Maybe it’s a picture, or a joke, or a video. Do you.


Step 4: You’ll notice that your respect level from complete strangers will increase. People rocking mustaches are confident SOB’s and people respect that. Plus, you’ll no doubt pass by other Mo Bros rocking a sweet stache and you’ll be able to give each other dap.

You’ll also notice an increased confidence and aura of awesomeness about yourself now that you are rocking a mustache. Personally some of the greatest things to ever happen in my life have happened while rocking a mustache. For example:

1. I had never kicked a home run in our kickball league. Two Novembers ago I was rocking a mustache and kicked two in one game. I never kicked another one after that day.

2. We threw our first Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration last November and I was rocking a mustache. That Celebration was the largest event we’d event thrown and it was a great opportunity to put my mustache front and center.


3. I got engaged last November, two days after the Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration, while rocking a mustache. It doesn’t get any awesomer than that.

Step 5: Since you kicked ass at getting donations you get a free ticket to a Mo Gala in your area (you can check here to find the closest one to you). In Chicago that’s on November 29 at the House of Blues, and no doubt Team Bacon will be in the house getting down. It’s a big party with nothing but Mo Bros and Mo Sistas rocking mustaches, drinking beer, taking pictures, and having fun while celebrating an awesome month that was.

I do want to add that this isn’t just a dudes only thing. Movember’s got love for our Mo Sistas out there as well. Since Mo Sistas hopefully can’t grow a mustache on their face, they can still participate and do all the things that Mo Bros do but in a different way. They can take a Sharpie and draw a mustache on their index finger and rock that all month. If you’ve ever drawn a mustache on your finger at the bar and then walked around with your finger stache, then I don’t need to explain to you all the smiles and awesomeness that will be coming your way.

Throughout all of Movember Bacon Sports will be retweeting and posting the best pictures and videos that Mo Bros and Mo Sistas send us. We’ll also be doing weekly tshirt and koozie giveaways specifically for TEAM BACON and Movember participants.

So queue Jerry McGuire, “Who’s coming with me?” Be my Rod Tidwell and “Help me help you Rod.”


Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

Sports loving free throw specialist and yinzer living in Chicago who is awesome most of the time, has run with the bulls in Spain, and is a graduate of Second City's Improv program.