Domi-nate Like Father Like Son

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I just learned a few things while trying to figure out what in the world is going on with this Domi-Nation jersey:

1. Tie Domi has a son named Max Domi who was drafted by the Arizona Coyotes.
2. The Arizona Coyotes are no longer called the Phoenix Coyotes.

At first I thought this was a super lame custom jersey that is trying to express how much his team dominates. We’ve seen sports fans create some pretty ridiculous custom jerseys so at this point no level of stupidity would shock me.

However, upon realizing this jersey was related to Tie Domi, who was one of the most badass enforcers ever, I’ll let it slide-ish. I award points for the creative play on words, but deduct points because it is only clear to Coyotes fans what in the world is going on with the Max Domi jersey.

Max Domi was selected 12th overall by the Coyotes so he’s legit. Just take a look at this roof job he fired.

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h/t: 780 Bills Mafia

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