MLB All-Star Game Trivia

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mlb-all-star-game-triviaThe slowest time of the sports calendar is upon us. While Cleveland fans, and NBA fans in general, are continuously refreshing to see where he is headed, and football fans are just beginning to think about fantasy drafts, the MLB All-Star game is quietly creeping up on us. I, for one, look forward to the All-Star game (although the HR Derby is unwatchable with the likes of Chris Berman yelling “back, back, back” for 3 hours). In honor of the event, here are some MLB All-Star Game trivia questions.

1. Derek Jeter will be participating in this year’s All-Star game at the age of 40. Who was the last player 40 or older to compete in the All-Star game?

2. This SS is the only American Leaguer to win the All-Star game MVP award twice. Who is he?

3. This prolific HR hitter holds the record for most All-Star game appearances with 25. Who is this slugger?

4. During the decade of the 2000s what player started the most All-Star games?

5. During the decade of the 1990s what player started the most All-Star games?

6. What St. Louis Cardinal’s legend hit the most HRs in All-Star game history over the course of his career?

7. This Boston Red Sox slugger has the record for most HR Derby home runs with 77. Who is he?

8. What alleged steroid user, appeared as a pitcher in the most MLB All-Star games?

9. You can bet that this guy was the oldest non-pitcher to appear in an All-Star game, which he did in 1985. Who is he?

10. What baseball family claims the most All-Star appearances with 20 total between the father and two sons? (Hint: 12 appearances belong to a 2nd baseman.)

I’ll drop the answers after the videos.

As a kid growing up, who did not love this show on Saturday mornings and remember this theme song?

And who could ever forget this Randy Johnson All-Star moment. The mullets were incredible.

1. Mariano Rivera in 2013 (43 years old)
2. Cal Ripken Jr. in 1991 & 2001
3. Hank Aaron
4. Alex Rodriguez 8 time starter
5. Cal Ripken Jr. 10 times
6. Stan Musial with 6
7. David Ortiz
8. Roger Clemens 10 appearances
9. Pete Rose 44 years old
10. The Alomar’s – Sandy, Sandy Jr., and Roberto

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