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Making some jokes about the NBA Action is Fantastic commercials

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crazy nba fans

I was hoping that there would be a good amount of late 90’s NBA Action is Fantastic videos to show the evolution of the promo but unfortunately after 91′ or 92′ there wasn’t a lot out there (on Youtube at least). Because of this I’m going to give you another gem of a video from 1990. Like the ones before it there is a catchy music theme. This time it’s “Signed Sealed Delivered I’m Yours”.

This video is wonderful because it was more about the fans than it was the play on the court. Here’s who some of the stars of the video are.

crazy nba fans

I was thinking this was a Black Panther rally until I saw that everyone was White. I believe they just set a record for most single arm fist pumps outside of New Jersey.

crazy nba fans

Insert guy doing a sitting double arm double knee thrust bump.

crazy nba fans 80's

I have to imagine that this was taken during a time out. In all of the other pictures if one guy is going crazy there is about 7 other people going equally as nuts around them. Not in this one. Here we have four high fiving dudes who likely are trying to get on the Jumbotron.

crazy nba fans thumbs up

It’s good to see Rick Majerus sitting courtside giving the double thumbs up salute.

crazy nba fans high five

Double arm air high five to no one. Classic.

crazy nba fans cosby sweater

Sweet Cosby sweater Dad.

crazy nba fans yelling

There is a 100% chance that this guy liked Andrew Dice Clay. This is also the first finger pointing cheer that we’ve seen. What a visionary.

crazy nba fans woo

Here we see the three stages of fandom: Dorky guy sitting and clapping. Dorky guy standing and clapping…and finally Dork guy with a single arm fist pump with primal roar! Those are some pretty sweet jeans that dude is rocking. Are those stonewashed?

Well there you have it folks, there’s a quick four day history on the NBA Action is Fantastic videos from the late 80’s and early 90’s. I hope that this piece inspires people to put their cell phones away and enjoy games like people did back then. Sure they were wearing Lee Jeans, Hypercolor shirts, and drove American cars but they made up for all of that by the way that they cheered on their team. Loud, Proud, and with plenty of fist pumping action!

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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