Nothing but NBA and college players getting crossed over

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The NBA and college basketball seasons are just around the corner and I’m more excited than Rob Gronkowski at Fat Tuesday’s in Cancun on Spring Break. From full court shots, to white guys dunking, to no look passes there are tons of awesome things about the game of basketball. One of my favorite is watching a guy crossover another player and break his ankles. Tim Hardaway may have had the patented “killer crossover” but for my money no one was better than Allen Iverson. Here’s a couple videos that I found that show some of the best of the best of guys breaking other dudes ankles.

Randolph Childress breaking Jeff McInnis ankles in college:

Derrick Rose doing what Derrick Rose does:

Compilation of Tim Hardaway’s best killer crossovers:

Allen Iverson’s most famous crossover…against Michael Jordan:

Top 10 crossovers from the 2011-12 NBA season:

Russell Westbrook might have just killed Luke Ridnour:

Rob Cressy

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