Players that become invisible for a night (just like Manti Te’o’s girlfriend)

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barry sanders worst performance

At Bacon Sports we want to deliver unique content that you want to see. We had a recommendation that someone wanted to see an article about stats. Ask and you shall receive. This week we are going to skip our usual Hard Sports Trivia (don’t worry it’ll be back next week) and instead give you something new that we think you’ll like. After reading the article tell us in the comments, on Facebook, or Twitter what you think about it. Should we keep it going or would you rather see something else?

The Manti Te’o story is the gift that keeps on giving. It makes Delonte West going rengade on a Cam-AM spider seem normal. At least Delonte West looks bad ass when he’s doing crazy things. Te’o just looks like a supreme douche and the fact that he went to Notre Dame doesn’t help people feel any more sympathetic towards him.

Since Manti Te’o’s girlfriend was invisible I thought that it would be fun to look at when some of the best athletes were invisible on the field or court. Even the Superstar’s of the world are human sometimes (unlike Manti Te’o’s girlfriend). Here are some performances that were invisible.

Michael Jordan:

His lowest points total was 6 points on December 27, 2001 when he was with the Washington Bullets Wizards. That night MJ shot 2 for 10 as the Wizards got smoked by 27 by the Jalen Rose led Indiana Pacers. That ended his league record streak of scoring in double digits in 866 consecutive games. I have to imagine that during that game he was rocking this jersey because there is no other explanation for the turd sandwich of a performance.

In case you were wondering how his Airness performed in the next game, he lit the Charlotte Hornets up for 51 points. Damn.

Barry Sanders:

barry sanders worst performance

That picture says it all. This is from the 1993 Wild Card game vs the Green Bay Packers in Lambeau and Sanders actually ended up with 13 rushes for -1 yards. There’s plenty of blame to go around but I’m not putting it on Barry Sanders. Dude was the Bo Jackson of Tecmo Bowl of real life.

Did you know…that for his career Barry Sanders was 1 for 4 for 11 yards, 0 TD’s, and 1 INT passing. Fantastic idea, have the greatest running back in NFL history throw the ball. What’s next, running the bootleg with Peyton Manning?

Wilt Chamberlain shooting free throws:

I’ve seen Charlotte Bobcats fans that care more than Wilt Chamberlain did at the free throw line. Granted, he’s probably thinking about banging four chicks at once when he gets to the free throw line but you’d hope that he could channel a little of his focus to giving two craps.

Wilt Chamberlain was a 51% free throw shooter and bottomed out at 41.6% during the 1964-65 season. Considering that the Stilt shot 11,862 free throws over his career it’s safe to say that he left a few points on the table. Imagine if he was just a bad free throw shooter and shot 65% from the line. Dude might have scored 150 in a game and banged 23,000 women.

Ron Powlus winning two Heisman Trophy’s: 

Beeno Cook missed by just a little bit on this one considering Ron Powlus ended up with zero and Notre Dame won zero National Titles with him. This never gets old to me.

Barry Bonds performance in the playoffs with the Pittsburgh Pirates:

Whenever I’m feeling down on myself as a Pirates fan I just watch this video and it makes me feel better.

Here’s Barry Bonds  final stat line from playoff appearances in 1990, 91′, and 92′ with the Bucos: 68 AB’s, 13 hits, 1 HR, 3 RBI, couldn’t throw out Sid Bream from deep rover. For those scoring at home that’s a .191 batting average. Thanks for nothing, dick.

Lebron James:

In Game 4 of the 2010-11 NBA Finals vs the Dallas Mavericks King James shot 3-11 from the field for 8 points in a 86-83 loss. What’s amazing is that the Heat only lost this game by 3 points considering their co-best player played more like Turd McGee than his Superstar self.

To put this into perspective, the worst performance in an NBA Finals game out of Michael Jordan was probably Game 4 of the 1996 series vs the Seattle Supersonics (remember when they were a team?). That night he shot 6 of 19 from the field for 23 points to go along with only 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 0-2 from three point land, and 4 turnovers in a losing effort.

Bron Bron is a beast, but he’s no MJ.

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