Post Super Bowl Hangover

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The Super Bowl is over and half of America either called in sick to work with “Food Poisoning” or “The Flu” or is terribly hungover and counting down the minutes until the end of the day. We now live in a world devoid of football for six months and personally I’m already going through withdrawal. The NFL Draft can’t get here soon enough. Here are some random thoughts on the happenings of the weekend and moving forward:

  • Here are two Super Bowl related Tweets that I liked:

Paul Bissonnette Tweet

Athlete Tweet

  • David Carr now has a Super Bowl ring. I wonder how Dan Marino feels about that.
  • If you find yourself feeling sorry for Tom Brady you shouldn’t. Aside from the obvious (Gisele) he just moved into this house.
  • The Los Angeles Temptations defeated the Philadelphia Passion in Lingerie Bowl IX. This was the Temptations third consecutive LFL Championship (talk about a Dynasty!). Here’s a pic of some of the members of the Temptations.
  • Now that football is over with that means baseball is just around the corner. As a Pirates fan the season can be lost not in a matter of months or even days but in the matter of innings.That’s right, just a few innings into the season and there’s a good chance that the Pirates will already be out of it. They start off with a three game series with the NL favorite Philadelphia Phillies and if they are down 6-0 after the 3rd inning you can imagine where the rest of the season will be heading. Ugh.
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