Don’t Puff Puff Pass on this Damon Stoudamire Jersey

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fan rocking a Damon Stoudamire Jersey

Damon Stoudamire Jersey – Trail Blazers

Damon Stoudamire might be the most successful stoner ever. Over his 15 year NBA career he made just north of $99.6 million. To put into perspective how much money this really is, he could buy three space shuttles and still be able to live very comfortably. The green in Portland must have been sticky icky because Stoudamire got busted three times for Mary Jane related incidents including once where he tried to pass through an airport metal detector with 1.5 oz of green wrapped in aluminum foil.

Stoudamire’s time in Portland was more up and down than Wilt Chamberlain’s bedroom. At times he was on the pine playing limited minutes. The next thing you know he went all Jimmy Chitwood on the New Orleans Hornets enroute to a Trail Blazer record 54 point game. That same season he also had a game in which he shot an NBA record 21 three pointers. Amazingly he only made five of them. How very Larry Hughes of him.

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