Amazing Random Jerseys Spotted at the Seahawks vs Cardinals game

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random-jersey-cardinals-seahawksAt last night’s Seahawks vs Cardinals game a member of the Bacon Sports community, Uncle Drunkle, was on fire with his random jerseys game. He shared with us some of the best and worst custom jerseys, random jerseys, and everything in between in this slideshow (click right to see the jerseys).

TJ Houshmandzadeh never should have left the comfort of Chad Johnson and Carson Palmer. He was a possession receiver that thought he could be a number one so he took his talents to the Seahawks where he had a solid, not great season for a 5-11 team. He lasted one year before he jumped around in irrelevance his last two seasons.

As a Seahawks fan there’s a zero percent chance that I’d rock his jersey. The team sucked when he was there, he was only there long enough for a cup of coffee, and there’s about 100 other players both past and present that were 1000 times better than him.

I do have to give props to the guy who created the custom Hous Your Daddy jersey. At least he gets creativity points whereas this dude rocking a jersey over his button down just looks like a tool.

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