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stefan logan steelers jersey

stefan logan steelers jersey

We’ve got a new batch of random jerseys from the world of football and they do not disappoint. We start things off with a Stefan Logan Pittsburgh Steelers jersey which most certainly should never have been bought none the less still be in circulation. Unless you are a degenerate, from Pittsburgh, or a Detroit Lions fan (where Logan currently plays) there is no reason why you should know who Stefan Logan is. He was a return specialist (aka the Craig Hodges of football) that spent only one season with the Black and Gold. As a yinzer I fully appreciate this jersey as I loved Stefan Logan’s pinball style. From an absurdity standpoint this jersey is a 9.5 out of 10 for obvious reasons. Unless your return specialist is Brian Mitchell you probably shouldn’t shell out $50-$100 to get his jersey. Remember how long the Dante Hall experience lasted. Ya, about a second and a half. Dante Hall was maybe a million times better than Stefan Logan. Shout out to @thesportsjudge for this find.

antoine winfield bills jersey

@chiefilliniwrek sent in this Antoine Winfield Buffalo Bills jersey. Winfield is no longer on the Bills so rocking an expired jersey definitely warrants being on our site. However, what really makes this jersey a gem is that it was recently captured in Seoul, South Korea. Talk about repping Bills nation hard. So what is the thought process that went through this guys head before he left on his trip half way around the world? “What would make me look like the coolest American ever? I know, I’ll double dork my Bills hat with my Antoine Winfield jersey. No one in South Korea will know that Winfield is currently on the Minnesota Vikings.”

nathan vasher bears jersey

Caught at the Chicago Movember gala is this Chicago Bears Nathan Vasher jersey. It’s common to see people in Chicago dressed up as Mike Ditka when the costume warrants a mustache but you don’t often see many Nathan Vasher’s. Actually, this is the first one I’ve ever seen. Vasher hasn’t been on the Bears in a few years so add another one to the expired jersey category. Vasher’s nickname in college was ESPN 3.

steve atwater broncos jersey

My friend @jeffewan captured this beauty. This jersey is in a different category as all the rest from today for a few reasons. Steve Atwater was a bomb ass player that could lay the lumber so there is no “why in the world are you rocking his jersey” factor. His jersey most certainly warranted being rocked. Despite being a bomb ass player you don’t often see his jersey being worn as often because he was a throwback (yes, all the way from the 9o’s, that long ago). Therefore this jersey is a hidden gem that will get you some dap because you are rocking something sweet. I’d say that this is even better than rocking a Ronnie Lott jersey because Ronnie Lott was in a different class than Steve Atwater. He is too good for you to get much love because it’s very obvious how sweet the jersey is. Sort of like rocking a Joe Montana jersey.

brian urlacher split bears jersey

Just a casual stroll with the girlfriend and tiny dog in a half and half Brian Urlacher Chicago Bears jersey. Obviously this is a great look. I’m sure that when Brian Urlacher was talking about how he didn’t care about the fans he wasn’t talking about this guy. Clearly this guy is one cool cat.

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