Random NFL jerseys spotted from the weekend

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This week we are a little light on the jerseys but heavy on the quality. Up first is an oldie but goodie: an Eric Moulds Buffalo Bills jersey.

Eric Moulds Bills jersey

Eric Moulds fits the mold for the type of jersey that a Buffalo Bills fan can wear forever. He was good enough where thoughts of him evoke positive emotions but not good enough where his jersey still floods the market. That means that you are still going to get some dap for rocking his jersey.

In case you don’t remember here’s some of Moulds accolades as a player: he was a three time Pro Bowler, had 1000+ yards four times, holds the Bills single season receiving record for yards (1,386), and was one of three WR’s named to the Buffalo Bills 50th anniversary team. Not too shabby. Put this one in you trivia bank, do you know where Eric Moulds went to college? He went to the same place as Erick Dampier and Jeff Malone. I’ll give you the answer at the bottom.

Kyle Orton Broncos jersey

Nothing says Party Time, Excellent like seeing a Kyle Orton Denver Broncos jersey on a Saturday night. That’s right, a Saturday night at 10 pm, prime going out time. When I talked to this crew I found out that this guy is wearing the Kyle Orton jersey because he won their fantasy football league. No that is not a misprint, the winner of their league gets to wear the Orton jersey. I think that this is a super cleaver way to turn the worst of jerseys into the best of jerseys. Got a Brady Quinn Cleveland Browns jersey laying around, why not make that the ultimate prize for your league like these guys did. When everyone else around you thinks that you look like an idiot you know that there is nothing that you’d rather be wearing than Brady Quinn’s jersey. It’s the ultimate show of how superior you are to your friends at fantasy sports.

Bo Jackson Royals Jersey

One group of guys likes a Kyle Orton jersey as their league trophy, I like something a little different. I present to you a signed Bo Jackson Kansas City Royals jersey. This is the trophy that I use for my AL Only fantasy baseball keeper league. Take everything that I just said above about Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn and this Bo Jackson jersey is the complete opposite. I wanted something that represented the best of the best of an American League player and who better than the most unreal athlete of my generation. For those that are a little hazy, here’s who Bo Jackson would be in todays terms. Imagine a hybrid of Arian Foster and Matt Kemp rolled into one. Ya, that’s baller. Each year the winner gets to rock this until he has to relinquish his crown. He gets to sign the jersey with his team name and anything else that he wants. Sure we are destroying an autographed Bo Jackson jersey but who says that jerseys need to be hung up on a wall and put in a frame. I hope that 50 years from now this league is still going strong, there is writing all over this jersey, and it is as torn up and soft as an American Apparel shirt.

Hideki Irabu Ball

Since I’m the commish of most of the fantasy leagues that I’m in I want to make sure that the guy who finishes in first gets heavily rewarded and the guy who finishes in last gets severely punished. There is nothing fun or enjoyable about mediocrity, I know, I’m a Pittsburgh Pirates fan. For this same AL only league I thought long and hard about what is the face of mediocrity, over spending, and a lack of results. Then it hit me, Hideki Irabu. The New York Yankees signed Irabu to a 4 year, $12.8 million deal and he promptly gave them a 29-20 record with a 4.80 ERA, and 1.36 WHIP. Talk about crap for an ROI. This American League picture ball of Hideki Irabu represents everything that a last place team wishes they weren’t. Throw in the stipulation that this ball must be present at their desk at work and you’ve got yourself a pretty awesome last place trophy.

Answer: Eric Moulds went to Mississippi State University

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