RG III: Hello Browns Super Bowl!

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rg III browns

rg III browns

Robert Griffin III, Super Bowl!

After the Cleveland Browns acquired Robert Griffin III to be their next quarterback I jumped up and down, bought his jersey, and naturally started looking for Super Bowl tickets. We finally got it right – a can’t miss stud quarterback who will have us in the playoffs and Super Bowl for years to come.

Oh crap, what’s that? This isn’t 2012?

I admit I wanted to mortgage the house and trade the king’s ransom for RG III in 2012. As a rookie he only carved the league up like he was Pablo Sandoval at an all you can eat buffet. How did we not give up enough to get this guy? Then it all fell apart like David Duval’s golf game. But hey, we ended up with a 10-year face of the franchise, best running back in 20 years Trent Richardson. Worked out well…

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So like any Cleveland sports franchise, here is another acquisition of an athlete who was once great, had huge potential, and would take you to the next level. They all sang Gimme the Loot on the way to the bank because some team was stupid enough to throw the money at them. Looking at players like Shawn Kemp, Dwayne Bowe, Shaq, Nick Swisher/Michael Bourn. I could go on and on, but like George Costanza, I digress.

Let’s look at it from a football perspective though. RGIII has talent, hasn’t played in a year and is healthy, looking for a fresh start, and a lucrative long-term deal. The Browns need a QB that can be productive, be the bridge gap to their new QB of the future, and win some games along the way while instilling life in a dead franchise in need of life. Sounds like the perfect match right?

I’m here to tell you it’s not. I have read the book; I have seen the movie twice on Sunday. I drink eternal optimism out of the Holy Grail like most delusional and broken Cleveland fans, but see clear enough to know this won’t work. A broken-down has-been quarterback behind a high school offensive line on a team that has as much talent as a 40+ YMCA basketball league – nothing can go wrong right?

OIC – Only in Cleveland. You have seen “The Browns QB Jersey.” As the Soup Nazi yells, “NEXT!”

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