144: How To Get a Job at Bleacher Report with Dylan MacNamara

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how to get a job at bleacher report

how to get a job at bleacher report

Rob Cressy brings on Dylan MacNamara, Director of Talent & Media at Bleacher Report, to talk about the journey of his sports career and how to get a job at Bleacher Report. Dylan gives a ton of actionable advice for anyone looking to make a career of working in sports and no doubt you’ll get a ton of value from this.

In the conversation Dylan MacNamara and I talk about:

  • What bold decision did he make that ultimately set him on the path to landing a job at Bleacher Report.
  • How did he get his foot in the door at Bleacher Report and what was on his cover letter to the founders of Bleacher Report?
  • What actionable things can creators learn and do to stand out and get on Bleacher Report’s radar?
  • What is a day in the life is like for the Director of Talent & Media at Bleacher Report?
  • What does the future hold for Bleacher Report in terms of original content creation?

At the end we also have the Tampa Bay lightning round where Dylan answers a bevy of sports questions.

Some actionable takeaways from the podcast that stood out to me were:

  • Learn the Adobe Creative suite
  • Leverage your connections
  • The simplest first step you can take towards landing your dream job in sports is to start a sports blog or podcast. Just create and put in the work.

Follow Dylan on Twitter @DylanMacNamara.

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