Crushing Lolla in a Rony Seikaly Jersey

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Sports fan rocking a Rony Seikaly Heat JerseyRony Seikaly Heat Jersey

Wow Factor of this Random Jersey: 9 out of 10. This hoopster gets a lot of dap for rocking this Rony Seikaly jersey.

Rony Seikaly’s life has been pretty awesome. His number was retired by Syracuse as he finished his career as the all time leading rebounder, second in blocked shots, and fourth in scoring. He was the Miami Heat’s first ever draft pick (9th overall in the first round in the 88′ draft) and he rewarded them by being a double double machine. He holds the Heat record for most blocks in a game (8), free throw attempts in a game (26), and rebounds in a game (34).

As impressive as his on the court accomplishments were they pale in comparison to what/who he’s done off the court. He was previously married to Elsa Benitez, who was a two time Sports Illustrated cover girl. Nice work there Rony. As if being an NBA player wasn’t cool enough Seikaly is now a big time house DJ. Bravo for the life decisions that he’s made. Even if he ends up in a gutter somewhere OD’ing on X after a 4 day bender in Ibiza we’ll be able to say that Seikaly did life right. Too many athletes go broke or go to jail after they are out of the spotlight. Not Seikaly. He surrounds himself with smoking hot 21 year old club chicks and makes tons of money all along the way.

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