Sneaking into Auburn

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sneaking-onto-field-auburn-secHere’s the scenario: You’re at your first SEC game and you can either scalp a ticket or find an alternative way into the stadium.  I’m adventurous so I chose the latter.


Before our 12 dude, 2 RV road trip I contacted Auburn for press credentials. To my disappointment the request was denied but that didn’t deter me. Upon arriving at Jordan-Hare Stadium for the Auburn vs Texas A&M game I saw a cute girl driving a golf cart. Equipped with my DSLR camera and working handheld CB radio I asked if she could give me a ride into the stadium. She said “hop on” and we were on our way.

We drove through a gate on the east end of the stadium and she dropped me off where stadium workers picking up programs to sell. I go to the hut and ask if there is a way in through here which they replied “no.” I feel like this was a dead-end until I look across the parking lot and see the Texas A&M bus! As I’m walking up I see the entire Texas A&M team is coming off the field from their pregame warm-up. The timing was perfect and I settle in behind the biggest security guard ever who looked like a white Mark Henry (1:07 mark).

After all the players make it into the locker room I see the coaches start congregating around the security and they begin walking back towards the field. Here’s my chance. I fall in-line behind security and start recording. The key here was to “act like you’re supposed to be there” and keep it moving.


Boom! On the field just in time for the pregame introductions and War Eagle flyover. I settle in right behind two Alabama State Troopers and watch the entire 1st half before meeting up with the rest of the crew in the nosebleeds.

If you want to hear the entire story about how this Auburn adventure unfolded watch this video.


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