Sports Birthdays for Jan 21 – Jan 27 | Epic Week (Ep 263)

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How would you define “unmet expectations” as it relates to sports? Tom and Nick break down their definition and toss out a few athletes who didn’t quite live up to the hype. Also on this week’s show a new segment called “Why Should I Care,” where Tom embraces his knowledge of the old school and Nick sneaks in more soccer propaganda. Tune in for another episode of Epic Week covering sports birthdays and anniversaries from Jan 21-27, including Jack Nicklaus, Hakeem Olajuwon, Vince Carter, Jeff Samardzija, Julie Foudy, Wayne Gretzky and more!

Show Notes:

0:00-0:25 Intro: Welcome to Epic Week by Bacon Sports.  I’m HQ Sports Trivia WWE Edition winner, Tom Pellegrino along with my podcast tag-team partner Nick Schwietering.   Epic Week looks at the sports Birthdays and Anniversaries for a week in sports. This week, we are talking about January 21st through January 27th.

0:26-5:42 Roll Call: Jack Nicklaus, Myron Cope, Hakeem Olajuwon, Detlef Schrempf, Rob Dibble, Vince Carter, Wayne Gretzky.

5:43-8:47 New Segment! “Why Should I Care?” Jack Youngblood, Julie Foudy

8:48-16:16 Main Event: “Unmet Expectations!” Greg Oden, Wily Mo Pena, Larry Hughes, Jeff Samardzija.

16:17-17:42 Also Receiving Votes: Cris Collinsworth

17:43-18:37 Outro: That’s all for the show today.  Please check out Bacon Sports on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and rate us (Robert Horry Lakers Or Spurs jersey number of stars – 5).  Follow me on Twitter @BaconSportsTom, and Nick @SweetsCincy. It is also Eddie Van Halen’s birthday this week so we are sending you out to “Jump”

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  • You can connect with Tom Pellegrino on Twitter @BaconSportsTom.
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  • Did we skip over a Birthday or Anniversary you would have liked to hear covered? We’d love your thoughts and feedback on our conversation so hit us up!


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