Feeling Green in a St Patty’s Day Custom Jersey

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Blackhawks fan StPattys Jersey

St Patrick’s Day in Chicago is awesome. The city dyes the river green, people who have regular jobs throw parties that start at 8 am, and you drink like prohibition is coming back. March Madness will be also going on at the same time so that amplifies the fun level by about 10.

At a Blackhawks game this week one fan took his love for St Patrick’s day a step further, he declared his love for it on his jersey by making the name and number “March 17”.

I have seen a lot of stupid custom jerseys (ex. a Ravens fan who had a #40 jersey with the name “Alcoholic”) but this is a new level of stupidity. I must have missed the trend where you start rocking holiday jerseys. Am I to believe that I’ll see someone rocking an October 8 Ohio State jersey (for Columbus Day) or June 14 Jeff Gordon jersey/jacket/tshirt/thing a NASCAR fan would wear (Flag Day)?

I love St Patrick’s day as much or more than the next guy but come on, a date on the back of your jersey makes about as much sense as winning the coin toss in overtime and taking the wind. If the Cubs one day win the World Series then sure, put the date that the curse was broken on a jersey. Until then, Chicago fans, please refrain from doing this any longer.


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