Test your bacon knowledge with our bacon trivia

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bacon-triviaWe at Bacon Sports love to test your sports knowledge with our hard sports trivia. Now we want to see how your bacon IQ stacks up with our first round of bacon trivia. Are you the Ken Jennings of bacon knowledge or are you more like Vince Young taking the Wunderlich? Let’s find out shall we.

1. In what country was bacon first made?
2. How many pounds of bacon do you get from a two hundred pound pig?
3. Who introduced pre-sliced, packaged bacon to the U.S.?
4. National Bacon day occurs the Saturday before which holiday?
5. What percent of bacon consumed in the U.S. is at breakfast time?
6. What ancient sport coined the phrase “To bring home the bacon”?
7. How many billion pounds of bacon is produced in the U.S. each year?

I’ll give you the answers after this creative commercial where a woman proposes to a guy with a package of bacon.

1. China
2. Twenty
3. Oscar Mayer
4. Labor Day
5. Seventy
6. Catching a greased pig
7. Two Billion




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